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American Bully World Video: The Dela Cruz Bloodline

Oliver Dela Cruz gives some insight on what supplements he uses when training his dogs for the 2014 UPF (Unified Pulling Federation) Nationals. Oliver recently took home a 1st place win at this year’s national in McPherson, KS. Oliver’s White Dragon pulled a whopping 8710 in just 32.21 seconds to secure the first place win in the 110 to 119 lbs Class.

Oliver is the founder of Dungeon Kennels, home to the world famous Dela Cruz bloodline.


Featured breeder: Bully Gang American Pit Bulls

bully gang dewgun

Dewgun is a perfect example of how Bully Gang was breeding American Bullies before they were even a breed. Weighing 95 pounds and carrying a 24″ inch head, Dewgun is truely an awesome dog. Sired by Bully Gang’s Briar out of Bully Gang Cruella.

Bully Gang American Pit Bull Breeders, Since 1990

Bully Gang was started by Cory Graham in Oregon nearly 25 years ago and hasn’t slowed down since. You may have seen Bully Gang American Pit Bulls in national magazines such as Dog Fancy or Dog world. Their foundation female, Bully Gang Cheyenne, was a double bred CH Amber-lite Bogan female that produced some of the finest American pit bulls ever bred. Bully Gang’s Original Bully Bloodline started in 1990. In 2001 they began to register their dogs under the name Bully Gang with the UKC and ADBA.

Before there were American Bullies

Bully Gang was know for breeding stocky, thick, athletic, and muscular pit bulls before the word “American Bully” even existed yet. This signature look is stamped on every full bred Bully Gang dog. Workability and trainability are two distinct characteristics of Bully Gang’s bloodline. Their temperament is loving, fearless, and loyal. These dogs are ideal for home security, weight pulling, and family companions.


Cruella is the best producing females at Bully Gang Kennels and manages to reproduce herself with every breeding.

Truly Pure Bred Dogs

While a good deal of American Bully Breeders today use english bulldogs in their bloodlines, Bully Gang achieved the American Bully structure solely on breeding experience alone. They archived the bully look by selectively line breeding pure American Pit Bull Terrier Blood generation after generation (Line breeding is a common breeding technique that invokes the selective breeding of dogs for a desired feature by mating them within a closely related line).

With 16 generations of proven producing champions, and nearly 25 years of breeding experience, Bully Gang has created a truly unique and purebred bloodline that’s in a league of it’s own.

See these dogs and more at Bully Gangs Official Website:


The American Bully World Archives: Words from Dave Wilson

dave wilson razors edge

Dave Wilson, founder and creator of the Razors Edge Bloodline. Shown here featured on the cover of Atomic Dogg Magazine in 2009.

From the American Bully World Archives, A post By: Dave Wilson of Razors Edge Kennels

Here is is, last time I will ever address rumors, drama, and BS.

Man I went to Florida to help host a show that I felt would be a good celebration for the Bully World, and honestly over all it was. I’ll get to that later…

The second I get home, the reality of drama in this world smacked me in the face! To be quite honest, I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough being a nice guy, I’ve had enough making positive moves just to be torn apart by negative people.

I will address all these rumors right here, right now, but one time then I’m done!
I got to get back to the positive, because I have a breed I love that I will continue to fight for.
If you don’t like what I say here, If you don’t have any faith in me, If you want to continue drama, my advice is to cancel your membership now, don’t participate in our events, and go do your thing. 
We got some real good things happening and negative people need not be affiliated.

The first is the show judging:

I heard rumors of people saying we fixed it and I bet $100 on dogs.

This is the dumbest shit I have ever heard in my life!

1st: I didn’t have time to watch or enjoy the show, I had to work. I didn’t even know who won until it was over. I dont bet, I dont gamble, and $100 aint nothing anyway. I don’t really care who wins a show, I only care that people enjoy showing, thats it!

I will never show for that reason. I tell the EE don’t show your dogs in your own shows. This show wasn’t an EE show, it was mine, so I didn’t make that rule, because there are some competitive people who came from far to compete. I did say the EE booth couldnt be judged for the best booth contest. I did tell Herb who actually won the raffle that he couldn’t win it as an Atomic Dogg Magazine owner. I don’t care about who wins, and I am not a fan of something I’m affiliated in winning, because as you all know and see I like the public to get that part. I work for everyone.

Omen won the show, but let me talk on this, Omen is a Champion, which means a variety of judges have already awarded him wins to achieve that title. This wasn’t a random dog, this was an already titled Champion. I did ask the judge after about what made him choose, his response was in my opinion Omen was the best dog that day. That’s a judges choice, and I honor and respect that. Whoever is hating on that is flat out Rude! When you win how would you feel if people made up rumors about you? That’s seriously poor sportsmanship!

Champions are all judged together, you may have a pocket, an XL, a Classic, A Standard, and an Extreme all in there together, all Champions repping the best of their style. The Champion class is judged by the breed, not the style, this day an extreme dog took it. There’s nothing funny about that, the judge felt that dog was the best in that class that day. All these rumors are just more messed up drama, if you dont like a judges choice, then show under different judges, it happens like that in every registry. When I used to show I picked who I showed under, because I knew who liked what style and look. I never hated on the judges who didn’t pick my dogs, I just knew who did like them and showed more under them. It’s just a show, I personally don’t even get involved in the competition side these days. These rumors are way out of line and seriously disgusting to hear!
Congratulations to Omen!

2nd: the 2up2down DVD, yea I saw it, yea I talked to the people in it, yea that was messed up.

I don’t agree with it, I don’t support it as it is, and I don’t recommend it as it is. Maybe if they went back and corrected the wrongs, I would be ok with it, but like it is, no way. You can’t make a documentary without most of the people involved. I only got one interview which was used to narrate things I didn’t see? That’s not right! There were people hating, stories made to look ways that they aren’t, and really it came off as Va people were mad that they don’t have more recognition? Not that they feel that way, but it was portrayed that way. I know alot of them want to speak on this, and even Shawn has some things to say, so I wont speak for anyone but myself. Bobby, I’m really unsure of your motive, but it’s not a real Razors Edge story, not even close. There were alot of people that helped make Razors Edge, alot of people that put alot of time into this, and most of them aren’t in it. This is why I have a book, you will hear every story there ever was, good and bad, I really have nothing to hide and really don’t care to hide anything. But, this isn’t the way it went down at all. You’ve been a great promotor of Razors Edge, and I have involved you in everything you wanted the past two years, but this one I cant even stand behind, and you know why. Fix the wrongs man, especially now that you know it isn’t the way it was said in the DVD. Contraversy sells yes, but it doesn’t make it truth, and in the long run contraversy just adds negativity.

For those who didn’t see, I will tell you the bad I see…

The first is the end where Shawn says the real Sippin Remy is out of Mook and Lupe. I’ve talked to Shawn and I’m sure hell say his side on that, because he is upset at how that was done. Anyway, here is this story, and honestly I’m not going to debate it, this is how it is and that’s all you’ll ever hear from me. Mind you, only I know the dogs I bred.

I made Lupe, she was my dog for over a year. I placed her with my friend Shawn Jackson because he wanted a dog that would also protect his yard, Lupe was a great guard dog. Our deal was her first breeding was mine. I bred her to Mufasa. The second litter we chose the male, we went with Mook. I got pick female, Her name was Razors Edge VAPH Reminisence of Mook, aka Remi. Shawn kept one who they named Brandy, I think she was Champagne on paper first but we used that name so they called her brandy. I’ll get back to that. 
I placed a few dogs with Shawn, he was a good friend who I did some breedings with, like I have always said, many friends helped create RE, he was one of them.

I placed Vegas, Lupe, VooDoo, shoot I cant even remember them all now, he can speak on that.
I also placed Topaz for a period of time, who later went to Chris Guida, which is another story. 
Me and Shawn bred Topaz to Domino, Shawn had Topaz and kept his female Rage, I took mine who was named Champagne, aka ms Bubbly, and I later sold my boy Domino to Troy Vincent.

Me and Gary Jackson had a falling out at this time, and even Shawn and I sorta stepped back. 
Again I stepped away from alot of people, Shawn slowed down and was not as involved with dogs as he was before.
Neither Shawn nor Gary came to my yard after this for a long time, neither one saw either of these dogs coming up.

I placed Champagne with Charles of Mountain Side on a breeding deal. I placed Remi with Tony Tyler locally here in Va. 
Remi’s name was changed to Lexi, and I think appears in some old pedigrees.
Champagne (which if you look behind the dogs who now say sippin remy, find the AKC papers, they tell the real story and names, because AKC never allows you to change a name!)

Anyway, she was brought back to me over a year because he couldn’t keep her, I told him I’d give him pick female when I bred her. I bred her to ShortShot, who was still mine at the time. I gave Charles the only female who he named Sippin Sambuka.
Champagne was later given to Shawn from True Tank. We bred her to Cairo and 2 weeks before she was due, he moved back to Louisiana, she lost the litter. A year or two later, he changed her registered name to TSO TrueTank RE Sipper Remy.

Now mind you I put both of these breedings together, both dogs were my pics from Shawn’s yard, and all of them had their names changed at least once or more. Not Shawn nor Gary were around for any of the breedings and deals I did with these females. Shawn defiantly helped create them though, his yard was defiantly part of Razors Edge, he was defiantly a friend of mine, and still is.

This is where I had a falling out with the UKC, I was upset that dogs names were allowed to be changed that late in life and after they had been bred by me. I told them not only did I have contracts saying they couldn’t be changed, but now it makes it look like other people made the dogs behind my dogs. Their response was get a court order, anyway alot of my old dogs had thier names changed, and so did Shawns and alot of people. I feel this messes up pedigrees and breeders work, again another story.

To shorten this, this past year I got Shawn back into dogs and brought him around by placing King Kai with him. Bobby created him and gave him to me, and Shawn was going to make his come back with him. When Shawn went to NC and seen Blue he was told this boy is out of Sippin Remy and went on to make Remyline. To him Remy is Remi, and that’s the story, as unglamorous as it is, thats it.
I personally made Blue and Sage in my yard, and sold them to a guy Byron as a breeding pair, Byron made Remylines Remy. Fabe made Remyline.
The thing is Shawn helped me with quite a few breedings, and both these females came from breedings in his yard, name changing screws up alot, this is why I fought with the UKC. This is just one story amongst many I have!

Sippin Remy’s ped is what I said it is and I stand behind that no matter what anyone says. It’s not an issue to correct a pedigree if it’s wrong now having the ABKC, it’s all still RE breedings, I don’t lose anything either way, but this is what it is.
I’ve also heard them say Sasha is Mook and Lupe, she’s not she’s Vegas and Lupe, Shawn Jackson did that breeding and you all are robbing him when you say its not.

But still don’t get me wrong Mook and Lupe was a real breeding and did make great dogs. Name changing just messin alot up.
Now that Shawn has seen how this has gone down, I’m sure hell be speaking out for himself.

Next Jeannie my ex, honestly she deserves half credit for almost all old RE. I came with a name, some dogs, and a concept. I did the research, I found all the dogs, I made all the deals, I put together ever single breeding, I chose what was used and the direction. She handled most of the dogs, she took care of them, and honestly she had better bonds with some of them. No matter who’s name was on who’s papers, it was a partnership. We each had our own jobs, mine was making dogs, hers was handling them. Cant take no credit from her, she did her part for sure. Now her picking which dogs I got to say that’s not quite true, Paddington was the obvious second pick from the litter which I put together. Cairo anyone who was there knows, the litter was Cairo! LOL He picked himself, lol. She did chose Knuckles, I thought his markings were ugly. I picked Kimmar and personally that litter imparticular. We purchased three dogs that day from the same litter, Knuckles, Rage, and Lil. I sent my friends Jerry and Gerrold back to buy 3 more from that litter. That was her best litter and I knew with those foundations we had something to build on. But Jeannie should get alot of credit, she did a hell of alot, she doesn’t like Bullies, but for real alot of bullies have the final look of what my plan was, so Knuckles was a great beginning, but a dog like King Kamali was the dream. 

Kimmar, saying her dogs should have never been bred to pits and whatever else she said. Let me just tell you about her, and I wont tell her real story here, there’s alot about her people really don’t even need to know. I had a AKC dog from my friend Ron named Maxx. Maxx was a crazy ass boy, but he was hot. Kimmar saw him and begged me to keep him as a pet, she said his ped was horrible and I shouldn’t use him in our program. I was naive then, I only ever bred him once to Joey’s dads dog, so I left him with her as a pet,(mind you this was later on, not when we got our dogs from her) I kept his papers. We bought a few dogs from her, and she wouldn’t give us our AKC papers, for well over a year, maybe 3, she kept our papers. We spent alot of money and time and were stuck. Finally Pam Perdue told us she still owned China’s UKC papers, and we should give the producers of Cat Man Roo a call they might still have his. Kimmar didn’t want UKC on either dog. Mind you she didnt produce either Roo or China. WhitePath Kennels made China. Karon Kennels made Roo. These dogs aren’t a Kimmar line, I chased dogs to find this combo. Pam Perdue helped us get all these dogs UKC registered and that was when we entered that world. The same person who didn’t want dogs bred to pits, only left us with that option. But, I got so much more to say about this in the book, you have no idea! To finish this out, one day I got an issue of Dog World and there was an Am Staff on the cover, the first time a Staff had ever been on the cover. The dog looked so damn familiar to me, I found the owners and gave them a call, and said who is your boy out of? They said his father is Razors Edge Blue Maxx! Come to find out Maxx had a few litters and I never signed any litter registrations, needless to say I contacted the AKC and ta dah… A week later I get all our AKC papers on the dogs we purchased. There are 2 sides to every story, and this is just a piece. 

Gary Jackson, what can I say on that. Honestly he is a great breeder, in my opinion one of the best ever in the dog world. His style is way different these days than mine, but he is a real breeder, someone who actually knows how to make a dog from scratch. When I seen his dogs I knew right away I wanted those heads. Mr.Brooks did make Paddington and he had the pick, he chose this female he name Jughead! She was definantly better than Paddington way more head. Paddington was the obvious second, but Jughead was better than even the males! But, lets not forget what went down before complaining about not getting one. We bred Mr.Brooks to Haze (another dog whos name changed later in linfe), Gary’s pick was Hustler. Hustler was still in my yard because Gary didn’t have a spot for him, infact Mr.Brooks was there as well, and had been for a long time, Mook also stayed there for long periods. Don’t forget that we housed these dogs for months at a time. Gary wanted to take Hustler for a weekend to show off, I specifically said don’t take him to an individual we knew house because he just had parvo. He brought him back Sunday, about 9 days later Paddington and all her siblings got parvo. I asked did you take Hustler to where I said not to, he said yea he left him there at night. Well needless to say Jughead and most of the rest of the litter died. Gary said he couldn’t take Paddington after that because he felt bad, and I was thankful for that. No one got burnt, that’s how it went. I gave both Mr.Brooks and Mook great exposure, I only showed great pictures, and I made great dogs with them. I never disrespected them, they are part of RE history. I have tons of never seen before pictures of them and video footage, which I will show later on. Gary, I’ll always give your boys the right look, they were part of my family too as were you, you are a great breeder.

Bruce? Huh? That’s all I got to say on that.

Anyway I don’t think the DVD really went into the Razors Edge story at all, there is a real story, and all the people involved are included in the ways they’d want to be. It is the TRUTH and will be a little shocking, so wait for the book. Videos, soon on the new site you’ll see all the old video clips for free, that I’d never sell, its your history.

Look I brought alot of people into this, I gave 100’s of dogs away. I involved so many people in the history. Only I was there from the beginning and I continue on today. Alot of people helped, alot of people hurt. Some continued, some quit, some started again, some went different ways. Every last one of them knows I tried to help them and I included them, most I gave dogs to! If you want shine go for it, but realize that the shine I promote isn’t personal, its for the dogs as whole and what it has become. There is a new generation who have taken this way beyond what any of us ever did or could imagine, don’t discredit the people who made this what is is today, we owe them. If you think personal shine will make you, your dead wrong, I don’t even want that, its the unity that makes us! Those who want their region to get recognition, your way behind there, this isn’t regional, this isn’t about anyones state, or anyones name, this is about DOGS!
We are forgetting who made us, we didnt make the dogs, THE DOGS MADE US!
Personal recognition isn’t where this is, its global respect for our dogs! 
I give everyone credit, because there is NO one person, but don’t try and discredit me when I’m helping you.
Bobby homie, fix this DVD it isn’t even right, and you know people helped send in footage thinking it was for my project.

I’m done talking on it, this is how I feel, these stories are my side and what I say is truth. 
My book will tell the real Razors Edge story, and dammit, I just gave away a damn chapter! LOL

Lastly…. I got a complaint to make!

This past weekends show was a huge success, but behind the scenes there’s alot of messed up things we need to fix now!
If the sponsors or media saw what I saw, we would kill our own movement!
Fuck the dogs make it easy for us to win, we make it real hard!

I’ll say it quick…
At a dog show pick up after your dogs!
Bring bags with you!
If you see someone’s dog make a mess call them out!
No other registry allows that! No other registry has clean up crews!
People act like there’s a clean up crew there for them, that’s not the case, that’s just for pee!
Be responsible and clean up after your dogs!!!!!!!!!
And feed your dogs good food! I seen some shit that aint right, alot of people are feeding garbage, and some people have sick dogs, like health wise. Feed your dogs good food, and get them checked by your vet!

At the hotels clean up after your dogs outside!
If they aren’t trained keep them in crates in the room!
If they don’t stop barking, don’t go out!
If your dog makes a mess in the hall way, clean it up and then notify the front desk.

If your drinking then be responsible!
Don’t get drunk and belligorant!
Clean up your bottles and messes!
Don’t get loud and wild in the lobby!

If you smoke, then be discrete, you do realize it is illegal?

I saw fights, bottles scattered everywhere inside and outside, poop everywhere, hallways and elevators that stunk like shit, trash everywhere, the lobby so wild and crazy guests were scared to come in, police pulling people, just out of control shit, along with some real disgusting shit!

People our dogs are saving themselves, we are going to kill it!
We are representatives of our breed, we have to step up for our breed!

We have hotels that let us stay there with this breed, after this I doubt they will ever allow us back!

We got to be professional, clean, and courteous at these events, we are fighting a battle we will lose very quick acting like this.

We will kill our breed! I was very embarrassed and the hotel manager had a lot to say to me.

That’s it this is all the negative I wish to speak on.

I’ve had enough poor sportsmanship, rumors, and drama about whatever, and poor representation for our dogs.

I have been fighting for 20 years for all of you! It doesn’t ever end on my end. I will continue to fight because this is what I believe in. If its not positive it needs not be supported by us. If it looks bad, then get rid of it. We have no time to improve, we are either going to make or break this now. 
We have to stop the drama, rumors, negativity, anything that isn’t positive.
Look if anyone wants my shine, step up I’ll be glad to move over, I don’t want personal shine anyway, never have and never will!

I’m doing some huge things for us all right now, if you went to the show you got a hint… We are going to take this to the next level, but it has to be positive. I got no more time for negative.

I love, respect, and support you all.

Dave Wilson, Razors Edge Kennels


Featured Bully Breeder Carolina Bully Farms

Jim from Carolina Bully Farms discuss the background of Mo Money and how they turned an ugly duckling into an ABKC champion. They acquired Mo Money around 5 years ago when he was just 6 months of age. Their previous owners gave up their hope on him when he was in his lanky stage. However, Jim and Cody saw the potential in him when nobody else did…

Visit CBF at



Articles by Christopher Bennett AKA “Bully The Kid”



American Bully World features writer “Bully The Kid”

We’re proud to have the extremely talented writer Chris “Bully The Kid” Bennett featured on the all new ABW. Known as the voice of the American Bully Breed, Chris is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the bully world. You can stay up on the latest articles by subscribing to the American Bully World newsletter.

Catch BTK on his Radio show: The Bully Booth Tuesday Nights at 10pm EST.

BTK also writes regularly  on Bully Max’s Bully Blog:



American Bully Breeders


american bullyWith the growing popularity of American Bullies, it is relatively easy to find Bully pitbull puppies for sale if you really want one. The problem isn’t so much finding one as finding one with a great breeder, good breed lineage (siring), and good health without spending a small fortune. American Bully Breeders charge a range of prices according to their competition, dogs’ performances in shows and exhibitions, and reputation. Finding American Bully puppies for sale is a matter of looking for the right breeder. Some breeders are worth sticking with when you get every new dog, while others are best avoided even for your first dog when you aren’t worried about lineage as much as getting a happy, healthy dog. Here are some tips to help you find the best Bully pitbull puppies.

Decide on your priorities.

Before you look for breeders, think about what’s most important in a dog. Do you want a dog that is sweet and gentle, a loyal dog with protective instincts, or a dog with perfect form and appearance for shows? Whether you’re aiming to buy a dog that is as big and muscled as possible or a dog with a big heart, you need to figure out what is most important to you. Different breeders have different priorities – some stick close to breed standards, others breed for particular traits, and some breed for the best possible temperaments.

Find an American Bully breeder you are comfortable with.

If your local breeder will not answer basic questions or refuses to sell a puppy to a new owner who has never owned a Bully before, look elsewhere. You need to find a breeder who makes you feel comfortable and excited about the purchase. Make sure you find someone you aren’t afraid to question. One responsibility of any reputable breeder is to educate the family and ensure a smooth placement and a happy dog. They should ask you questions and allow you to ask questions, too.

Settle on a budget for your puppy.

You likely won’t find any purebred American Bullies in a box with a “free” tag on it! Pedigreed dogs with reputable sires from a great breeder cost considerably more than dogs from new breeders without a proven history. Whether you want to get a dog without spending a fortune or you’re willing to swap a house for your Bully puppy, decide what your budget is for your new dog.

Do your homework before contacting a breeder.

If you have never owned an American Bully, look up the ABKC and other organizations. Become familiar with the breed’s quirks and temperament. They are not an easy breed to raise and you need to be comfortable, confident, and firm in your leadership. Assess yourself and make sure you feel confident enough to be a pack leader for a strong-willed, intelligent dog!

Look at adopting versus buying.

If lineage and a perfect pedigree aren’t your priorities, consider adopting a dog from a shelter. Bully pitbull puppies are sometimes available in shelters – for instance, someone may send a litter of puppies if they can’t care for them and aren’t a professional breeder, or a dog may have been given up because she got pregnant before she was spayed, and the dog shelter will then end up with all the puppies once they are born. If you can adopt, consider doing so. Otherwise, ensure you are prepared to spay or neuter your new pet as soon as possible after adoption if the breeder hasn’t already taken care of it.

Attend events and talk to people.

Before settling on a breeder, talk to a variety of people at an ABKC event about the American Bully breed, good breeders, and what is involved. This is the best way to get a sense for who is a backyard breeder (so named because they don’t have experience in breeding specific traits, avoiding aggression, and so on) and who is a legitimate breeder. You will likely encounter many breeders at the show, too, and you can look at their personalities, their dogs’ personalities and appearance, and so on. If you’re looking for Bully pitbull puppies for sale, you need to do a lot of research so you know exactly what you’re getting into. It’s important to avoid simply looking in classified ads in your area and picking the first name you see. Even if you’re just aiming to buy a happy, friendly dog, dealing with a reputable, experienced breeder is always best. They can properly socialize their dogs so that your new Bully is a positive addition to your household.