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American Bully Pit Bull Puppies such as the one shown above are rapidly growing in popularity. According to google trends, the popularity of this breed reached an all time high this January. Get more information on Bullies.

How to care for your American Bully Puppy

Training tips from:

The most important part of raising a downing a Bully, is proper nutrition and health care. These helpful tips will give you some brief and general rules for properly raising a Bully.


Your Bully is considered a puppy from 8 weeks to 6 months, to ensure the proper growth and health of your puppy, follow these tips. Regular vet visits, your puppy should get a series of puppy vaccinations. These vaccinations should be given in three week intervals. Your puppy should have a total of five. The vaccination should be a standard 7-way shot that begins at 5 weeks of age. In some areas, you may need to give your puppy a 7-way with Corona. Ask your local vet if that is needed in your area.

When your Bully reached 6 months in age, have your vet give a 3 year rabies vaccination. Rabies vaccinations should be repeated every three years.

Every year, staring at 1 year of age, you should give your American Bully a 7-way vaccination as a booster.

Once a year have your vet do a complete health check on your Bully.


Dogs can be infected with a few different types of worms. It is always best to have your vet do a fecal check to see if your dog is infected with any worms, parasites, or bacteria.

We recommend having your dog checked every three months.

You should also have your vet start them on a heart worm preventative at 4 months. Some of these contain medications to kill other worm varieties as well as heart worm. Some are even effective for fleas and ticks, ask your vet to show you the different options they have.

You should always repeat a worming 14 days after the initial worming. Tape worms require a 3 day treatment. Always have your dog checked on a regular basis. More tips on worming your pups:


For Bullies under a year we recommend a high protein, high fat, quality food. Check your ingredients, the first 3 listed ingredients should be a form of meat. We recommend a high quality best pitbull food with at least 20% fat content or higher, and at least 30% protein content or higher.

There are a lot of premium pet foods on the market that will have these ingredients.

We found that the #1-rated kibble for performance breeds, is Bully Max High Performance.

There are also frozen food products that work very well.

Quantity will depend on your dog, we feel it is best to feed an american bully puppy as much as they will eat. We also recommend feeding them three times a day, or free feeding all day long.

Try and keep some fat on your Bully puppy this will aid in proper growth.

As your Bully gets older, their feeding patterns will change. After a year to a year ½, you should feed your dog enough to maintain a full look, but not over weight. Their metabolism will change on its own, and you will see the puppy fat change into muscle.

For dogs under a year and females we also recommend giving a calcium supplement, or some breeders add powdered all purpose fee milk to their food. Either one is a good source of calcium.

Vitamins and vitamin supplements are good for dogs of all ages. There are different vitamins for different purposes and ages. Use one according to your dogs age. A multi purpose vitamin is recommended for the entire life of your Bully. We recommend Bully Max for dogs ages 7 weeks and older.

Another good food additive is Brewers Yeast. You can get this in a powder or pill form at all pet/feed stores.

There are many other nutritional supplements on the market, we recommend trying some out and seeing how they work for your Bully.

Last but not least is fresh water! Always make sure your Bully has access to fresh water at all times. We recommend replacing the water ever 4-6 hours.OTHER

Feeding & Exercise TIPS:

Make sure you Bully gets exercise daily. We recommend at least ½ hour each time, and at least 3 times a day at a minimal. Some people like to play fetch, this is a great form of exercise. If possible, swimming is by far the best of all exercises. Your dog need to walk and work its limbs every day, so make sure they get adequate walks daily.

It is very important that your Bully gets at least a ½ hour of natural sunlight each day.

Always remember to be careful on hot days, keep your Bullies cool and hydrated.

Always watch for signs of overheating and excursion.

Toys and chew toys, there are a variety of good ones, from tug toys to indestructible chew toys. We recommend ones large enough that can Not be swallowed and not have pieces bitten off. ALWAYS supervise your dog with a toy, and never leave them alone with one of their toys unsupervised!

Always socialize your American Bullies from puppy hood with children and other dogs. Never abuse your dog or use contact as a form of correction. Always have them interact with children, and never allow them to play bite with a child. Teach them young, that children are their friends.

When training your dog, remember, this breed is the most loyal of all breeds. Their main goal is to please their owners. Having your dog respond for praise is the best method. Never train your Bully by hitting, corrections should be quick and to the point, and while on a leash. Consult a trainer that teaches you to train your dog, that uses praise for reward, and teaches your dog to respond and interact to you. Praise and affection should be the only rewards needed. This breed was created to be the ultimate companion, make sure if you own one, you are the same to them. Love your Bully and give your American Bully love, affection, and most important, attention. The Bullies are the ideal companions, treat them right and they will be the best companions a family or owner could ever heave.

These are some tips that can help ensure a healthy and happy Bully, always consult a vet or professional trainer for any more serious questions you many have.

#1 Recommend Resource for Bully Breeders:

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  • Navaz

    Hey I have a pakistani bully kutta which is 4.5 months old and his front paws have started to bend like knuckling. Could anyone please let me know what to be done to prevent it. I use to give chicken and beef rice but from past 2 weeks I have shifted the diet to royal canine. Please advise..

  • Chaquita Lee

    My big boy 3months already 30 ponds love him

  • Chaquita Lee

    He might be 35 almost 40 pounds doc appointment in morning

  • Nathaniel Swangton

    Dog my dog Jude look like he has any American bully in him. He weighs around 65-70 pounds and he’s 12 mouths old.

  • Tabbie Fahlbusch

    I have an almost 7 month old American Bully. He goes through toys like they’re nothing. I was wondering if you had any recommendations of toys to get that’ll last a good amount of time. Thank you.

  • cher

    We just got a 8 month old micro bully. We’re trying to train her to jump. ..and bite her toys on command and she just looks at me like I’m crazy lol what kind of tips can you give about training her how to basically. .play lol

  • Camilo Blanco

    Hey Guys,

    Was wondering what the water requirements:
    8 month old bully: ?

    4 month old bully: ?

    • Clean and cool water should be available 24 hours a day.

  • Jashan Bhangu

    can i use bully max for my new dog bully kutta ?????? for gaining muscles

    • Yes, Bully Max is suitable for all breeds.

      • Jashan Bhangu

        when should i give them bully max??? 30 min before workout???

        • Yes, that would be a great time to use Bully Max.

        • Yes, that would be the best time.

  • Randi

    On average how much weight should a pocket purebred American bully gain per week after the 6 month mark. We have an appointment for exactly two weeks from now to get his ears cropped and the only place in state that will do it won’t do it if he weighs over 25lbs. He’s at 20lbs now. Just curious if you know an average poundage per week?

    • At 6 months of age, your dog will weigh roughly 2/3 – 3/4 of its adult weight. Estimating the adult weight of a puppy is much like trying to estimate the adult weight of a human child. It’s not always 100% accurate. By 20 months, most dogs reach their maximum natural size. More size and muscle can be added at this point by using Bully Max.

  • Kayla Angulo Rocha

    What would be the best food to feed my 8 week old bully?

    • American Bullies thrive off of high protein, high fat diets. We recommend a grain free 30% protein 20% fat kibble.

  • joban shah

    i have 4 week american bully..what should be the diet??

    • At 4 weeks the pup should still be with the mother and eating milk. At 4-5 weeks you can introduce the pup to canned food.

  • Trudy

    I just got a 4 month old American bully named Diesel and we want to start training him. We feed him Purina pro plan sport 30/20 formula. I was wondering what would be the best kind of treats to use for him. I don’t want to feed him just any old thing even when it comes to his treats.

  • Abhishek

    I have just owned a bully 3 months old….and he is lean from back. What diet should I give him…?

  • Chris Rodriguez

    I have a 8 week old bully and I was wondering if puppy chw is a good food to feed em

  • Chris Rodriguez

    I just bought a American Pitbull mix with a Pitbull razer edge he’s 7 weeks old .
    is it fine if to give Him bully max ?

    • Yes, Bully Max is suitable for all breeds ages 7 weeks and older.

  • RM

    is it ok to mix bully max powder with milk .my bully is 6 months old and I have him on a raw diet mainly i’m wondering if its ok to give him milk

    • Giving your dog cow’s milk is not recommended. The lactose in cow’s milk has a tendency to upset your dog’s stomach. Mixing it with water would be a better option.

  • jackie

    can someone please help me with my baby girl Lucy she just turned 4 months today we were training her on the pee pads at 3 months she learned quick and was going on it 90% of the time but now she stopped going on the pads. she uses them about 25% of the time now. I’m so tired of cleaning up pee. we give her treats when she goes on the pads. she was behind in her shots so we really couldn’t take her outside. she will be up to date this weekend so we will train her to go outside. however why did she stop going on the pee pads?

  • Kingsley

    Can i use the bully max(which use above week 7) and gorilla max(above 12) at the same time for my week 12 bully?

    • Yes, you can use both of these products at the same time (As long as your dog is older than 12 weeks).

  • Chris Rodriguez

    Okay so I bought bully max for my pitbull razor edge hes 11’s been a month giving him bully max and I see no change in him . I give him diamond it has 27% fat and 31% protein . I give him the pill when he eats then waight 30 minutes so the food can digest then I take him out to go play. I’m I doing something wrong ?

  • Bully Max

  • Jane

    We have a 4 year old Bully and he already is having trouble jumping up on to the couch, is that normal for a 4 year old?

    • No, that’s not common for a 4 year old dog. Are they showing signs of limping, or signs of an injury? If so, we would recommend contacting a Vet to determine what’s causing this issue.

  • bryan

    Hello I have a 3 month old bully. I’m currently feeding him Merrick with goat milk powder. It’s very hard for him to eat the Merrick he doesn’t seem to like it. What other food can I feed him ? I aswell have bully max chews coming on the way. Thank you..

  • Amanda Gilbert-Collins

    We have 2 american bullies littler mates about a 12 lb difference between the two. 49lbs and 61lbs the are 21 mo old. My 61 lb girl act like she is starving all the time she on the thinner side but not bad. And my 49lb girl has started to fill out but she doesnt seem to have control over her bladder or bowls. So we have to keep her kennled if she is inside. How do i help my 49 lb. Girl with her bladder and bowl control. And my 61lb girl put better weight on. She does not have worms by the way already checked. Right now we are feeding 4 health grain free beef. At this age what things should I add to there food to help maintain proper weight and health. Should i be feeding her till she is full. Or recommended doses. Last time i tryed i stopped her at like 10 cups of food at once didnt think that was good for her. Everytime i switch her food its good for a while and she does great then a month or so in its like it doesnt work for her any longer. Thankyou

  • Vinu Manoharan

    Sir sir

    Am from India

    My bully has this patches of hair loss and skin drying . He is 2 years old . Blood test shows no infection pls help me find what this is . The doctors here and just giving medicines but he is kept in clean place and regular bath is been given .still this haunts me

    Pls help

    • To improve and build a healthy coat, we recommend Bully Max Total Health: Please keep us posted on the progress. We would love to see some photos of your dog after using the product. Also, you can use code SAVE7 during checkout for a $7.00 savings

    • Bassfayce

      Hi friend! My puppy had a very similar problem, skin breakouts. For our first 6 months we were constantly at the vet, spending tons of money! We thought it was allergies, were told to give him Benadryl (antihistamine) daily, and also tried 3 different antibiotics, and medicated shampoos. Nothing worked except when he was placed on steroids (tamaril-p) the flare ups went away, but came right back after the steroids were discontinued. FINALLY, our vet figured out the problem and we found a solution that works for him. Topical antibiotic called mupirocin (bactroban) placed directly on the lesions was a miracle for him. The medication is expensive, but luckily I am a nurse and was able to take the mupirocin home from work from friends that work on our burn unit. When his flare ups would get bad, we would do a round of steroids to “put out the fire” then treat any new lesions that appeared after the steroids were discontinued with the ointment. He is now 2 years old and still gets flare ups every now and then but rarely needs the steroids, just the ointment placed on the flaky patches until it resolves. We still feed him grain-free food (taste of the wild) and limit his treats to doggy peanut butter or cow ears and nothing else, but he is a healthy and happy doggie and no more expensive trips to the vet! I am not a vet, just wanting to share our experience with what seems like a very similar problem. I suggest talking it over with your vet as it was only after months of testing and failed treatments that our vet asked another vet specializing in skin allergies to give his consultation. They said the lesions are like a doggy form of MRSA, hence the antibiotic ointment being our cure-all. Good luck to you and your pup!

  • dawn

    I have a 3yr old bully. What type of vitamins should I give him for coat and muscle health?

  • Jeryco Charles

    Have a 4 month male bully what type off dog food I should use

  • Greg sanders


  • Bullychannel

    I was given a bully her name is channel shes around 6 to 7 months I dont have her papers Or anything I was wondering if I was to take her to the vet for a check up if that was going to be a problem? I was told she needs her shots . Also I was concernd about her furr shes always scraching herself and has red patches can someone help me out please?

    • You won’t need any type of paperwork in order to take her to the vet. She will need to get up to date on shots & will likely need dewormed. To clear up the skin issues, a food packed with omega fatty acids will resolve the patches and scratching (Such as Bully Max High Performance

      • Bullychannel

        Thank you verry much !

  • Chilo

    How’s it going I just got my my first pit/American bully he’s about to be 3 months when would be the best time to crop his ears ?

    • It would be best to get his ear done right away. The earlier the better. Many vets have a cut off age on when they stop cropping a dog’s ears.

      Here’s a complete list of vets that crop ears in the USA:

  • damien combs

    i have a 8 week old american pit bull German shepherd mixed and i need to know what all i need to do to it at the vet to be healthy and best food to recamend for me would be good.

    • We recommend Bully Max high performance dog food for working breeds: . You will also need to get your puppy properly vaccinated and test your pup for worms. We recommend scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian. They will be able to take care of this for you.

  • Joseph

    My bully is 7 lbs at 5 weeks, I feed him blue buffalo 15 % protein. Is that a healthy weight for 5 week old?

    • The ideal protein & fat ratio for growing and working breeds is 30% protein, 20% fat ( At 5 weeks old, they should still be nursing. If the pup was taken away from the mom already, we recommend adding goats milk to their diet for at least 4 more weeks.

      • Joseph

        I got him at 5 weeks and I did get him formula goat milk 29% protein 28% crude fat plus I feed him 1/3of a can of blue buffalo18%protein soft food twice a day

        • Joseph

          I’m going to order him bully max , heard great things about it

  • Ian Heaton

    One of my mates has 3 American Bull Dogs (mum, dad and daughter) – They are all fully grown now. I dont know where he finds the space to keep them but he has made an outhouse for them fully fitted with heating, lighting and some nice pawprint wall paper!



    • It depends on what type of results you want to get. Purina has a very poor rating and a very high recall rate. If you’re looking for a premium 5/5 star food, Bully Max High Performance is recommended:

      • MIGUEL


      • Avtar Singh

        How to make dangerous my 3 months old dog

  • Mokshed

    i have little issue… i work 9 hours a day and i always take my 4 month old with me but is not that safe for him every time he gets there his eyes and face turns red and he also had an infection after ear stitches were removed since i don’t feel that is a good place for him i will like to leave him home but i can’t leave him out the crate i know he would destroy everything now he is doing very good on crate and potty trained is it a bad idea to leave him in crate for about 10 hours? i feel kind of bad can someone give me some kind of idea? ..

  • aysha

    I have a 5 mounths old american bully standard size.
    I asked my vet what`s the best food to feed him and she said to buy him Orijen puppy large.
    And once at few days to mix with with rice and vegetables.And i also give him calcium and salmon oil and additive for articulations.She said to dont give him any meat.
    Last mounth he took in weight 2 kgs , but this mounth just 1 kg.
    Is that normal?
    At 5 mounths he is 16 kgs.
    Is this right weight for his age?
    Can you suggest me the best food brand for him and if i should give him meat?
    Thank you

  • Nico Tucker

    Hi i just got a bully he’s 6months how many grams of kibble per day do you recommend thanks what a wonderful breed so loyal loving

  • Gia Rabin

    What food should i give my 2 month old ambul? First timer

  • Kelly Allen

    7 week old puppy has redden bump on bottom lip?? Help!!

    • It is always a good idea to bring your dog to the veterinarian if you ever notice any lump or bump.

  • Jagdeep Dhillon

    I have a standard american bully puppy. He is 3 and half months old and weighs 22 lbs. He feels weak to me, what do you have to say about his weight?

  • Thomas Truong

    Hey I have 7 month old female American Bully. I was wondering when do she will stop growing? I also want to know why recently hasn’t eaten a lot her Purina dog food like before. Before, we use to give her 3 cups full for her bowl. I would also want to know what type of American Bully she is Standard, XL, etc.

  • Shelby Jones

    My American bully is about to be 6 months old and he is 60 pounds. We feed him 1 and 1/2 cups of food in the morning and at night that’s 21% protein and 10% fat. Is this enough food for his age and weight and does he seem to be at the average weight for other bully puppies his age?

  • Gerad Zackey

    Hey guys i have a male XL bully 2nd pick male
    His 1 year 7 months now and iv been following his family brothers and sisters, but his alot smaller than all of them they all have 24 25 26 inch heads weighing at 50 to 60 kg and my boy is 23 INCH HEAD weighing at 42 kg so my question is he still gonna grow and untill what age does he stop and when does his head stop growing or is this him and his done ?


    hey i have american pitbull terrier he is 6 month old and he is eating grass and other bad things
    the other problwm is that how to increase the head size of my dog

  • Juliette

    Hi guys i have 2 x xl bully pups brother & sister 12wks old today they played quite viscious and my boys ear was gashed by his sister||||!!! Is it possible that this is a dominance stage at all? I.e could my bitch be coming into season? Or my boy getting his balls? Sorry i am just saying it how i see it really. My kids play with them we take them out 3times a bday and they are good interacting with other dogs when they meet them rare but not for long periods tho. I take them to my sons school when i pick him up and they are great with kids their too but when they get home and try to play with their toys or bones they are getting more aggressive with each other and today drew blood. PLEASE HELP many thanks Ju xx

  • Juliette

    Hi guys i have 2 x xl bully pups brother & sister 12wks old today they played quite viscious and my boys ear was gashed by his sister||||!!! Is it possible that this is a dominance stage at all? I.e could my bitch be coming into season? Or my boy getting his balls? Sorry i am just saying it how i see it really. My kids play with them we take them out 3times a bday and they are good interacting with other dogs when they meet them rare but not for long periods tho. I take them to my sons school when i pick him up and they are great with kids their too but when they get home and try to play with their toys or bones they are getting more aggressive with each other and today drew blood. PLEASE HELP many thanks Ju xx

  • Cara

    8 week old American bully ! I have a new puppy and I switched his food from what the breeder was feeding and he has diarrhea. It’s been 2 days and this morning it looked like just a specal of blood . He ate the cats wet food last night I’m thinking that just upset him . I know know to keep cat food up and out of way ! He has had his shots and I give him more dewormer Monday . When should I take him to vet for checkup ? When can he go outside I’m in Ohio it is cold out there ? I appreciate everyone feedback I haven’t had a dog before I’m prepared to give him the adequate time, attention and care he needs ! I read up on a few forums but if there are any recommendations on forums , Food, care etc I appreciate it ! Thank you