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American Bully Breeders – Finding The Best One

blue pit bull puppyWith the growing popularity of American Bullies, it is relatively easy to find Bully pitbull puppies for sale if you really want one. The problem isn’t so much finding one as finding one with a great breeder, good breed lineage (siring), and good health without spending a small fortune. American Bully Breeders charge a range of prices according to their competition, dogs’ performances in shows and exhibitions, and reputation. Finding American Bully puppies for sale is a matter of looking for the right breeder. Some breeders are worth sticking with when you get every new dog, while others are best avoided even for your first dog when you aren’t worried about lineage as much as getting a happy, healthy dog. Here are some tips to help you find the best Bully pitbull puppies.

Decide on your priorities.

Before you look for breeders, think about what’s most important in a dog. Do you want a dog that is sweet and gentle, a loyal dog with protective instincts, or a dog with perfect form and appearance for shows? Whether you’re aiming to buy a dog that is as big and muscled as possible or a dog with a big heart, you need to figure out what is most important to you. Different breeders have different priorities – some stick close to breed standards, others breed for particular traits, and some breed for the best possible temperaments.

Find an American Bully breeder you are comfortable with.

If your local breeder will not answer basic questions or refuses to sell a puppy to a new owner who has never owned a Bully before, look elsewhere. You need to find a breeder who makes you feel comfortable and excited about the purchase. Make sure you find someone you aren’t afraid to question. One responsibility of any reputable breeder is to educate the family and ensure a smooth placement and a happy dog. They should ask you questions and allow you to ask questions, too.

Settle on a budget for your puppy.

You likely won’t find any purebred American Bullies in a box with a “free” tag on it! Pedigreed dogs with reputable sires from a great breeder cost considerably more than dogs from new breeders without a proven history. Whether you want to get a dog without spending a fortune or you’re willing to swap a house for your Bully puppy, decide what your budget is for your new dog.

Do your homework before contacting a breeder.

If you have never owned an American Bully, look up the ABKC and other organizations. Become familiar with the breed’s quirks and temperament. They are not an easy breed to raise and you need to be comfortable, confident, and firm in your leadership. Assess yourself and make sure you feel confident enough to be a pack leader for a strong-willed, intelligent dog!

Look at adopting versus buying.

If lineage and a perfect pedigree aren’t your priorities, consider adopting a dog from a shelter. Bully pitbull puppies are sometimes available in shelters – for instance, someone may send a litter of puppies if they can’t care for them and aren’t a professional breeder, or a dog may have been given up because she got pregnant before she was spayed, and the dog shelter will then end up with all the puppies once they are born. If you can adopt, consider doing so. Otherwise, ensure you are prepared to spay or neuter your new pet as soon as possible after adoption if the breeder hasn’t already taken care of it.

Attend events and talk to people.

Before settling on a breeder, talk to a variety of people at an ABKC event about the American Bully breed, good breeders, and what is involved. This is the best way to get a sense for who is a backyard breeder (so named because they don’t have experience in breeding specific traits, avoiding aggression, and so on) and who is a legitimate breeder like The Pack XXL. You will likely encounter many breeders at the show, too, and you can look at their personalities, their dogs’ personalities and appearance, and so on. If you’re looking for Bully pitbull puppies for sale, you need to do a lot of research so you know exactly what you’re getting into. It’s important to avoid simply looking in classified ads in your area and picking the first name you see. Even if you’re just aiming to buy a happy, friendly dog, dealing with a reputable, experienced breeder is always best. They can properly socialize their dogs so that your new Bully is a positive addition to your household.