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American Bully Questions & Answers

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The most common questions about the American Bully Breed

American Bully pictured above: Mr. Rich from good money bulliez.

1.) Q: How can I tell if my dog is an American Bully? 

A: If you purchased your dog from a reputable American Bully breeder, there should by no confusion on wether your dog is an American Bully or not. The registration papers will show the dog’s linage. It will contain dogs from one or multiple well known American Bully Bloodlines.

Some of the most common American Bully Bloodlines include the following:

  • Razors Edge
  • Gottiline (Sometimes spelled Gottyline depending on the breeder)
  • Daxline (A relatively new American Bully Bloodline which was created by Ed Shepherd)
  • Miagi Blood
  • The Dela Cruz Bloodline
  • Remyline
  • Mikeland

2.) My dog doesn’t have registration papers, how know if it’s an American Bully? 

A: If your dog doesn’t have registration papers, there’s no telling what breed it is for certain. The only way you can get registration papers showing the dog’s linage is if the dog’s parents are registered. You must acquire your dog’s registration papers from the original breeder.

The other option is to file an application for a single registration with the UKC.

Single registrations may be used for American Bullies that are not already registered with UKC and whose parents are not both UKC registered.

Please note: if you dog only has a single registration, it would not be wise to breed them. There’s no telling what breed they actually are. It’s likely the pups will sell for very little (if any) money.

3.) How much does an American Bully cost?

The cost of a quality bred American Bully is in the $2000 – $3500 range. If the cost is any higher than this amount, the dog is simply over priced. There should be no justification on paying five, ten, or even fifteen thousand dollars for any breed of dog. The American Bully breed is no exception.

Some of the world’s most reputable American Bully breeders sell their puppies for a reasonable price ($2,000.00 – $3,000.00).

Eddie from, Roger from west coast gottiline, Mel from Kinneman Kennels, Ed from Daxline, and Marco Suarez from Suarez Bulls kennels are all American Bully breeders that have been breeding for 20+ years. They all offer American Bullies in this price range.

9 Tips for buying American Bullies

  1. Research the breeder (Use google and social networks to get insight on who you’re dealing with)
  2. Ask the breeder for references. A good breeder will be more than willing to provide you with their previous customer’s contact information.
  3. Pick the puppy up in person and pay in person. This ensures you know exactly what you’re buying and there are no surprises.
  4. Let the breeder know that you want the puppy’s papers when you pick the puppy up or get it delivered. It only takes 2 weeks for a breeder to receive temporary registration papers for the pups (This is what you need to register you puppy). There should be no reason they don’t have these papers in hand when you receive the puppy.
  5. If you’re unable to pick the puppy up in person, pay with paypal or a credit card online. That way if the transaction turns out to be fraudulent, you can dispute the charge with paypal or your credit card company.
  6. Never send money through western union, money gram, or by wire transfer. No exceptions. This is the #1 way people run scams online. If they won’t take cash in person, paypal, or a credit card, do not do business with them.
  7. Ask for videos of the puppy if you’re unable to seem them in person. Photos of dogs can be easily manipulated. If you have a video, you can get a great idea on what the puppy looks like in person.
  8. Ask the breeder for the dog’s vaccination and deworming history. It’s important to provide your veterinarian with this information when you bring your puppy in for their first checkup.
  9. Ask to see both parent’s registration papers. This will allow you to verify that they are registered American Bullies.

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  • prncsammie

    can someone please recommend an excellent event to take my puppy to get her ears cropped? I am located in Lawrenceville Georgia

  • Leo Romo

    Im new to bullies and would like to buy on. I was offered one and would like to know how much the bullies are worth, he has 3. It’s a ukc bully and the bloodlines consist of lil rizzy peanut denzel miagi Marcello and freakshow. Let me know what you think which one I should get

    • Hi Leo, great looking bullies! The dogs you mentioned are well known in the bully community and have a reputation for producing great dogs. The average cost of an American Bully puppy from a reputable breeder ranges from 2,000.- 5,000. In some cases breeds will charge much more if the demand for their dogs is high. If you see the same ancestors a few times within the first 2-3 generations, you have a tightly bred dog that will have a better chance of resembling their ancestors.

      • Leo Romo

        Would you recommend getting one from a smaller breeder

        • Less known breeders still have the potential to produce great dogs. Just be sure you receive the papers with the puppy at the time of purchase.

  • Zachary Orris

    Hey guys need some feedback. Recently purchased my boy LEO and been getting people saying he may be a bully. Just want to see what some people might think! Here’s a picture. Thanks!

    • Hi Zachary, It’s hard to tell just yet. Did you happen to get papers with your dog? Based on the dogs in the pedigree, it will be easy to tell the difference. If not, you may get a better idea once he starts to mature a bit. Puppies go through a number of growing stages. During these development stages it’s hard to get an accurate read on how they will look when fully mantured.

      • Zachary Orris

        Unfortunately the breeder did not show any of the adult parents. My boy is a lot smaller than my girl apbt who’s is five months. I’ve just been seeing him grow wider not taller but he seems small to be 8 weeks of age tomorrow since his birth was march 13.

  • Darian J

    Hello there! I am new to the bully world and as of lately my interest in breeding has spiked! I have a fawn male who is 18′ at the withers so would be considered standard,(Correct me if i am wrong), and weights in at 73 lbs. He is UKC registered and I have his paperwork and also links to his pedigree. If i decide to stud him this will be his first time. What exactly should I charge for a stud fee?

    • Hi Darian, you can get the ABKC standards chart & see exactly where your Bully stacks up here:

      Stud fees generally range from 500.00 – 2500.00. In some cases much higher. This number depend on a number of factors. Some of these factors include the following:

      1. How tightly your dog is bred. Generally dogs that have more of the same ancestors in the first 4 generations are bred tighter and have a greater chance of producing similar dogs.

      2. How many champions or well known dogs are in your dog’s pedigree

      3. If your dog was shown and has obtained a title or titles.

      4. The structure of your dog. Generally there are two types of bully enthusiasts. Those who prefer correct and athletic bullies, and those who prefer extreme dogs. The extreme bullies tend to draw more attention which in turn allows their owners to charge a higher stud fee.

      5. Proven producer. If he’s produced quality pups, people will be more likely to use him. Keep in mind that in most cases the female is the key to producing quality litters.

      6. How well his pedigree matches up with the female’s pedigree. Experienced breeders will seek studs with pedigrees similar to their female’s pedigree. This is due to the fact that linebreedings and inbreedings produce consistent litters. The pups will also be more likely to carry the same traits as the parents. Whether this be structure, health, temperament, or drive.

      • Darian J

        Thank you very much for your time and knowledge! Greatly appreciated

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  • Kathy Chaney

    My puppy is very skinny but healthy and under 20 pounds.Can I use Bully or Gorilla Max to put weight on her or do I have to wait?

    • Hello, Bully Max and Gorilla Max are ideal for adding weight, muscle, and reaching your dog’s full potential. Bully Max may be used on dogs ages 7 weeks and older. Gorilla Max is suitable for dogs ages 12 weeks and older.

  • Garrick

    Just bought this puppy dad is moneyline ( the pup is mo money grandson) and mother is a gottiline, he is 2 weeks now…… here is a pic… what do you think about him?

    • Looking great! Top notch bloodline as well. Carolina Bully Farms is well known for producing champions. You can’t ever go wrong with moneyline.

  • Justin J. Poquiz

    Just wanna ask . I have a puppy with no papers but when i ask what his bloodline he said corupt and blow jr are those dogs name seems familiar 2 you or his just bs

    • Kurupt is 75% razors edge & 25% gottiline (, This may be the Blow Jr he’s referring to

      However, without papers there’s no proof of the actual bloodline. Dogs from these bloodline are registered 95% of the time and there’s never a good reason that they shouldn’t have papers. Registering these dogs costs 35.00 – 40.00 dollars. Puppies from this bloodline average 2,000.00 each.

      • Justin J. Poquiz

        Thanks for the quick response ! Im new to the bully world so what do you mean by registering the dog cost 35 to 40? Please explain

        • If the dog doesn’t have papers, it usually means the dog isn’t registered with the UKC (united kennel club) or ABKC (american bully kennel club). It usually only cost $35 – $40 max to register a dog. If the dog wasn’t registered it would be good to ask the breed why. It’s very rare that a dog with a pedigree like this doesn’t have papers.

          • Justin J. Poquiz

            Ok thanks and where can i register the dog?

          • Only the breeder can register the litter.

          • Justin J. Poquiz

            Ahhh ok thank you so much for the help

  • Jakob Verken

    Gibt es diese Zucht auch in Deutschland

    • Nicht, dass ich finden konnte . Importieren dieser Rasse kann sehr schwierig und teuer sein.

  • olivier

    Hello, I am French I would like to import a bully to my country I wonder If You Could advise me serious breeder That offers beautifulbully Red nose please

    Sorry for my bad english

  • Sanjay Alwani

    Hi, im thinking of getting a puppy american bully. I actually owned a cane corso mastiff and he lived at home where we had a yard and i walked him 2 hours a day. Now i live in an apt and i want an american bully. I would like to know as puppies, how much do I feed them and how often do i take them outside for them to shit and piss?

    • Adult American Bullies require a 30-60 min. walk per day. Depending on the dog’s ancestors, energy levels of this breed will vary. The breeder should be able to give you a good idea on how active the dog will be based off of the parents. Puppies will need plenty of food and water. How much food will depend on their weight and the brand of dog food (see the dog food bag for exact amount). Puppies will need to go outside quite often. Sometimes as much as 8 times in one day.

  • Sanjay Alwani

    Hi, theres a breeder in my area that only has female bullies, he said he has all the papers, saying there registered bullies. How do i know if there legit and what am i looking for?

    • Check the registration papers and compare them to the official papers at Ask to see the parents as well. If everything checks out, you should be good to go.

  • Ronald Johnston

    We have started a site dedicated to buying and selling pit bulls and would like to spread the world. We offer featured links on the home page for only $ 30 bucks. If anyone is interested check out the site at Thank you guys.

  • Garrick

    hey, well the puppy is 6 weeks now gonna get it this week…. i have already bought bully max, gorilla max and dyne. my questions is which brand food do i need to buy? purina puppy chow? also i know that i can start giving the puppy bully max at 7 weeks. but how many pills should i give him per day? and when should i start with the gorilla max?

    here is a pic of the puppy now (the one on the right)

    • Great looking pups! We recommend a grain free natural dog food. There are a number of these on the market. Bully Max is suitable for dogs 7 weeks and older. Gorilla Max is suitable for dogs 12 weeks and older. – Have a great day.

      • Garrick

        (left one)

  • darwing

    what can i do? my dog always gets allergy . he is always itchy.he responds to the vet medication but then it comes back,i recently changed his food to grain free food i made sure this time it is. i have read that oatmeal shampoo is bad but some people say its good. can u tell me what shampoo brand is good ?my dog has a lot of issues .i dont see that in other bullies. help help

  • Jay Sloan

    Hey ladies and gents quick bully question…
    I just had my boy Kimbo’s ears cropped a week and a half ago and his ears began to start to slouch today at the tips a little (particularly the right one.) I have no experience with crops and was wondering what to do. Should I…
    A. Leave it because he will grow into it and it will look fine.
    B. Bring him to the vet and have them place something in it to put it back into place.
    C. Its unfix-able and there’s nothing the vet can do about it.

    Here is a picture of what I’m talking about.

    • Hi Jay,

      What you need to do is remove the scabs on his ears right away. Softening the scabs with warm water and peroxide will allow you to remove the scabs without hurting his ears. You should also massage the tips of his ears to keep them flat (for about 15 – 20 minutes per day for the first week or so).

      When scabs are left on their ears, they have the tendency to curve & bend their ears, sometimes permanently.

      If they’re still not strait after a couple of days, you can use molefoam and tape. As seen in this video:

      Looks like a nice crop. With a little work & they’ll look perfect.

    • I apologize for the late reply. Hopefully your pups ears healed up fine. Judging by the picture, they look to be standing and healing quite normal. However, it would have helped if you removed the scabs. More cropping tips & information:

  • Chanx0713

    Hello everyone. We are new to the Bully world. We have just recently purchased two bullies to join our family. I have two questions. First is my five year old Pit Bull became dominant when the new female puppy (4 months) entered the home. She got into a scuffle with her and in the process the 4 month old puppy’s jaw seemed to go into an underbite. I took her to the vet and had her xray’s done and examined and he seen nothing medically wrong with her. She didn’t have this underbite before the altercation happened. I know that a couple of her baby teeth have fallen out and was wondering if anyone has experienced their puppy having an underbite then it correcting itself. My second question is how to socialize them to where my 5 year old no longer acts dominant.
    Thanks everyone in advance

    • When your 5 year old dog becomes overly dominant or aggressive, take these steps. 1. correct her verbally. 2. roll her over and hold her firmly on her back. 3. have the puppy stand over top of her. 4. wait until she calms down completely and submits to the puppy. Once she has calmed down and has relaxed you can then release her.

      I would recommend walking them together (For at least 30 minuets per day). This will start the bonding process which will get stronger each day.

      For the most part underbites are nothing to worry about. It’s possible for them to correct themselves over time, but not likely.

    • Chucho L

      I agreed with bully max: hold her firmly on her back till she calms down. Don’t make the puppy stand over her, cause now you’re teaching the pup to be dominant.
      Take your female on a long walk or run, burn that energy out before letting your puppy get close to her. After awhile she realize the puppy is not danger to her.
      Underbite because to many bulldogs are being bread in these dogs.

  • Cynthia

    Hi I am Cindy, my bully is 4 months old I started her on Diamond Naturals is this a good puppy/dog food brand for her? Can you recommend a few names that I can purchase puppy and dog food? Please

  • Dee

    I just pick up a Bully with abkc papers its a female 7wks old, blood line is xtremebully and razor edge XL. what the back ground on this lil girl?

  • robert lancon

    HELLO, Im new to the bully world .I bought a pup 6 moths ago ABKC.. SIRE is monster g 2x, and DAM IS 2X RAZOR EDGE..MY question is this; which way do I go with my bloodline ,edge or monster g.?? Please help.Here is Bullet 6mo now.

    • Since Monster G blood is hard to find and no longer being bred, I would recommend going with Razors Egde. You’ll have much better luck finding a nice Razors Edge stud.

  • Dee

    Does any one know of a place were I can order a subscription of bully magazines? Online?

  • James

    How are the members of this site shipping their puppies/dogs cross country? I’m having trouble with the snub nose dog restrictions on airlines.

    • Get a hold of Mel at – he does ground shipping across the USA.

  • Dee

    thinking about getting my pups ears done next week, but how much work does it take to take care of them after they get there ears done? from wrapping the bandage and etc? and then i’m just a little nervous in case they don’t come out right?

    • Find an experienced Vet in your area that does them. If you contact some breeders in your area, they may be able to point you in the right direction. There’s not much after care work involved. However, the sooner you get them done, the better. Younger pups tend to heal faster. Once they’re cropped, it’s important to keep them clean and remove any scabs that form. I would recommend cleaning them 2-3 times per day with peroxide, applying neosporin (, as well as massaging them. Within 2 weeks they’ll be completely healed.

      • Dee

        well i do have 1 place out here were i live that every one takes there dog to get there ear’s crop so i am comfortable with this vet and i did red that to massage the ear so the hair grows back over the scar, now if it starts to scab just rub off the scabs so they dont mess up or scar the ears right? now as for cleaning them would this start the same day they get there ears crop?

        • That’s correct. Your vet will also give more detailed instructions on the aftercare process once you pup is ready to go home. Scabs usually start to appear 4-5 days after the crop and will need to be removed right away. This will ensure your dog’s ears will stand strait.

  • Dee

    would like to here from other ppl out there what are you guys dong wen your dog takes a piss or a poop on your carpet? i need to get my girl train and i don’t see her trying to make it to the front door or ect..

  • Joe

    Would a 40lb female pocket bully be able to safely have puppies with 100lb bandog? Had a accidental tie between the two 🙁

  • Sara

    My 6 month old bully has somewhat turned out front feet. Is there any way to correct this? Will turned out feet hinder him in weight pulling? I have attached a picture, but I know the grass obscures his feet a bit. Hopefully you can still get an idea of the extent of his rotation.

    • Hi Sara, this is most likely genetics and not a need for concern. As long as his movement is fine, there’s no need for concern. I would recommend waiting until he’s fully matured before introducing him to weight pulling. Some great exercises for pups are spring poles, flirt poles, running, and swimming.

      • Sara

        I do plan to wait to introduce him to weight pull, but I am concerned that his feet will cause problems when I do. Can a dog with turned out feet compete in weight pull, or would it not be worth my time to try to train him in that when he is older? His day to day movement is fine.

        • The slight bowing should have no effect on his performance.

  • Garrick

    18 weeks

  • Matthew

    Can you tell me if my bitch is a bully or apbt? Thank you.

    • From a first glance, this appears to be a standard American Pit Bull Terrier.

      • Matthew

        Can you tell me what you think the best registry that I can register her at she don’t got any papers just black and white pictures of sire and dam.

        • If the sire & dam are not registered, there is no way to register your dog. If the litter wasn’t registered, changes are the dam & sire do not have papers.

          • Matthew

            So your telling me if shes American bulldog/pit mix she cant be registered as a American bully with thr ukc. It don’t sound right I almost sure that is exactly what a American bully is.

          • If the parents don’t have papers, you’re unable to register her -regardless of what breed the dogs is.

          • Sara

            diplomatic, classy answer 🙂

      • Matthew

        Here is a picture of her sire and dam. Dam is blue and white, sire is brindle and white. Dam on bottom, sire on top.

  • drogyn credo

    Take a look guys! I really hope you like this video I made 🙁 I want to chance the world… forever.. I have bin bullied when I was little… I was not accepted into the “cool” peoples community…

    I will wash the world with awkwardness…. and clean up with insanity <3
    you might get a laugh waching me making a fool of myself xD

    • drogyn credo

      oooh you ment the dog…. oh gooosh this is awkward….

  • David T

    What’s up bully world! Man a lot has changed in the years, newer looking bullies newer regesteries. My 1st and only bullie had past earlier this year at 13 years old, Best companion ever. So right now I am searching an looking and a whole lot of research Is going into my next bullie I decide to get.

    One thing I can not stand is how paper hanging is now days, looking on craigslist an people are selling “ABKC papers” like if it’s just that common.

    Is there a list of reputable breeders that I can check out?

  • Firedog452

    I am new to the Bully world. I currently haul RV’s for a living and spend a lot of time on the road in my pickup for work. I am interested in the American Bullies and wonder if they would make a good traveling companion. I am looking for a best friend to spend twenty four hours a day with. They would get plenty of exercise during the day as I stop pretty frequently during the day.

    • Hello, American Bullies make excellent traveling companions. We posted some recommended breeders below. Have a great day

  • Susan

    Hello American Bully World,
    I am new to Bully’s, just picked up our pup last week. He is a pocket size. We just love him! I have two questions-
    1) I am making his food. This first week I have put him on a transitional diet of chicken thighs,broth and steamed rice with vitamins and minerals. He was weaned on puppy chow so wanted to clear his system. I would like to know what ratio of meat to fat to carb to veggies is suggested for proper development?
    2) Right now at 8.5 weeks he is all mouth! LOL. I am making sure to have appropriate chew toys handy when we have to redirect him from chewing or nibbling on us, our clothes or anything else he shouldn’t. Do you have any suggestions in the way of corrections? He can be very determined! I know he won’t be a puppy forever, but I also want him to learn boundaries.
    Thank you for any suggestions!

    • Great looking pup. – Here’s a great recipe for raw:

      Redirecting them to a toy they’re permitted to chew is the best route to take. Training is all about consistency and repetition. One the teething stops, the chewing will slow down.

  • Leonard

    Hello, just a quick couple questions…got little pit/olde mix about 2 1/2 mths, how soon or at what progression can I start having him go on runs with me, I usually run between 3 & 5 miles, I know it’s going to be a while before he can reach that distance but I would like some company for a little bit here and there. Also the little guy is teething pretty hard and my wife and are wanting to get him a good bone but not sure what kind or brand, we were thinking a good size hard beef bone that isn’t brittle any suggestions?

    • As long as he’s up to date on his shots, you can start daily walks to get him used to the idea. It will depend on the individual dog on when he’ll be able to start running with you. At 5-6 months, you should be able to give it a test run. Your dog will let you know when he’s tired or if it’s too much for him. As he builds his stamina up over time and matures, 3 – 5 miles should be doable. I would recommend adding a joint supplement to his diet in order to keep his joints strong and avoid injuries. Nothing that’s too advanced however. A level 1 glucosamine & chondroitin supplement for pups would be sufficient ( The reviews on these bones look good as well:

  • Diesel9876

    I have a 6 month old female american bully. Beautiful Razors edge blood. I have tuaght her to run on the treadmill the last week and she does 1 miles each day on it along with out walks we go on that range from 45min-1 hour. She does the miles walks on the treadmill in approximately 17 minutes on a flex deck as well for minimal impact on her joints. She will actually jump on the treadmill and walk on her own at 3mph for a good 10th of a mile before jumping off which at that point I leash her and stand on the treadmill with her. I have also bought her a harness and a sled to tow weight with which she took to quickly. She only tugs 20lbs up and down the driveway for about a total of 200-300 yards. She takes bully max and fish oil everyday along with some extra raw proteins to help with recovery.
    Everyone on my facebook is all of a sudden a veteranarian and a member of PETA and says its bad for her. She takes it easy and I pay close attention to her if she seems tired. She gets generous brakes and plenty of water and meals. I would like to think the exercise is a great thing for her and will help her grow to her potential. Can this cause undue harm? I am not loading her or doing anything she doesn’t want to do.

    • Exercising your dog is one of the best possible things you do for your dog. Dogs that exercises have a much greater chance of living a long happy life. It’s also a great way for dogs to release pent up energy in a positive manner. Dogs that exercise frequently are also less prone to injuries and illness. Negative responses to exercising your dog should be ignored. Here’s a video with some great tips on weight pulling by one of our sponsors, Sam (from the Dela Cruz Bloodline):

  • Blake Romig

    Is this considered an american bully?

    • Hi Blake, from the photos this does look like a standard American Bully pup. Do you know it’s pedigree, or have information on it’s bloodline?

      • Blake Romig

        Honestly I dont. Both parents were beautiful one more bully the other staffy. He was the only one that came out with that stature.

  • Chaquita Lee

    I just brought a PitBull he just turn. 2 months and he weight 22 pounds is that normal. For a puppy how can u tell
    . If they a bully

    • That sounds like he’s growing nice. If you have registration papers you can determine the bloodline. American Bullies are a different breed than pit bulls. Usually whoever bred them should know if they are an American Bully or an American Pit Bull Terrier. I would suggest giving them a ring and getting some history on the parents to get this figured out.

  • Kayla

    Hello, I’m very new to the bully world, but I am about to purchase a beautiful female puppy around 11-12 weeks.
    But the problem is that I’m on night shift at work 7 nights a week 12 hour shifts I only have a few more weeks left then I’ll be free.
    But I was wondering if I got her and my mom watched her for the remaining three weeks of work I have left, would that make it impossible for the pup to bond with me once I got her back with me all the time after work?

    • That won’t be an issue at all. Dogs of any age will form a strong bond with their owner. For instance, rescue dogs of all ages form very tight bonds with their owners.

  • Cory

    Looking for a breeder by the name of Dane , owner of infinite bullys out of west Babylon New York if anyone knows of him or knows how to contact him please let me know , I got my last pup from him and want another but can’t figure out how to contact him … Thank u

    • Dane (Infinite bullies) : 917-459-6082

  • Bill Hazlett Welker

    Is 50# at 6 months good? Female.

    • Sounds like she’s coming along very nice. That’s a very healthy growth rate.

  • Aaron Floyd

    Hi. I have a blue bully that is 3 months old and I just started noticing patches on his back where it’s bare skin and almost looks like scabs. It goes directly down his spine and is maybe 10 spots. I’m not sure what to do. Please help

    • This is a common issue. The main cause is lack of omega fatty acids. Bully Max Total Health will take care of this issue. You can get it at:

    • Kathryn

      My pit is 15 and I feed him nutro. He’s never been fat, has a shiny red coat, and no health problems. I’d recommend it.

      • Kathryn

        Also nutro can be found locally so you don’t pay shipping. Personally, I’d bring my dog to the vet to be sure it is the food thatservice doing that to his back.

    • Vernell

      I had the same problem with my dog n found out it was the dog food I was feeding him n now I feed him blue buffalo dog food n it did wonders for my dogs coat

    • D’sMom

      i had the same problem mine was horrible turned out it was food allergies he can’t eat grains or chicken also he has to take antibiotics (which helped so much) and uses a special shampoo.

    • This is most likely due to his food. There are two options. One you can change his food to a higher quality blend (Such as Bully Max High Performance, or you can add a coat supplement to their diet ( Either option will solve this issue.

    • Raytoven

      Oatmeal shampoo

    • Jimmy

      My female was doing that and her vet put her on steroids and she does them once a year and haven’t had the problem since

    • dontbullymybreed02

      A lot of Bullies have this issue. Especially blues. It usually has to do with food. A lot of bullies are actually allergic to chicken, and most dogs have issues with wheat. I have an American bully who’s coat is freaking gorgeous. His sister from the same litter lives near us and she has the same skin issues as your pup. She was on a food that had chicken and wheat. We feed our pup food without wheat, soy, corn, and chicken. we get fish blends or red meat blends. We used merrick but they sold to purina so now we use WELLNESS CORE (with the meat pieces and only meat blend without chicken) and it has real dehdrated meat pieces in it. you can get it on amazon or in the pet store. Its medium priced but they eat less of it bc it doesnt have fillers so theyre eating real food. We also give him a tablespoon of coconut oil and a raw egg once a week. (amazing for coat)

      We told our friend this when he said “wow how is his coat so great? she’s missing patches of hair and itches.” so we told him to change to this food. He did and she’s doing much better!!!

      we also add nupro silver powder. Its added vitamins just in case they’re not getting enough.

      also, if its outdoor allergies too, good for allergies is to give your dog a little raw honey (unfiltered) the small amount of pollen left in there helps build their immune system to allergens.

      With this food switch, ur dog will get all they need

      if it doesnt work then its something else and u need steroids from the vet but everytime I’ve seen this issue, it was fixed with this food change.

    • astrobal villaflor

      just change his/her diet (dog food)..

  • Timbuktu

    What are the top bloodlines right now

  • mike

    how long should a pup stay on puppy food? A year , year 1/2 2?

    • Usually dogs reach maturity at 2 years of age

  • Lynda Redden

    What’s the best diet for these dogs?

  • Pam

    HI I have an 11 month old female who has always been so sweet but we had her spayed on Monday and she has gotten very aggressive to our other dogs is this normal after a spaying? She has never shown any aggression until this week and it is only to our other dogs not humans
    . She has been obedience trained and we have had her since she was 5 weeks we love her so much how can I help her

    • Hi Pam, Has her aggression stopped? This may have been due to her protecting her fresh incision.

  • Shawn

    HEy I am new to the bully world i have a blue bully and he is under weight he will be one in feb but he only weight 60bl i tryed everything .. he did have provo but not any more and he always itch idk y i toke him to the vet but they say he does not have fleas or anything i keep him in the house .. I also need help with him jump on ppl he love ppl he does it in a friendly way not a bad way

  • Louis

    Hi – I’m a new Bully owner…he is currently 6 weeks old and I was wondering how much he should be eating a day and how many times a day. Also, should I be giving him a milk supplement with his food?

    • Hi Louis, At 6 weeks old he’s a bit young to leave the mom. You can use goats milk for the next couple of weeks as well as canned food. For a pup this age, you should keep food and water available at all times.

  • Louis

    Hello – would you be able to tell me approx how much an 8 week old male Bully should weigh? I’m not sure the guy I got my pup from was honest about his age

    • The weight of an 8 week American Bully can vary greatly. There is no set weight limit since all dogs grow at different rates. The bloodline and the dog’s ancestors also play a big role in the size of the dogs.

      • Louis

        He is 7.5 lbs right now

  • King J

    Is there a top ten dax sons list?

  • Angelica

    Hello, Is it alright to raise two male bully pups from the same litter together?

  • Kmarie10

    Does anyone give their bully raw eggs or raw chicken? Also is it normal for my bully of 12 weeks to be smaller than his brother (he has gotten wide and mine has gotten a little taller)

  • DThul

    My bully is just over two so I’m ready to start looking for his first mate. He is papered, but on it he is registered as a pit bull. He fits the standards of a bully and I was wondering can the breed be changed with out losing heritage and is it worth doing so either way?

    • You can register him as a bully as well. This will not effect his heritage. You can get started by visiting

      • DThul

        On the UKC papers his parents are purple ribbon holders, does that change if I change his breed?

        • It will remain the same. As long as you have records of 7 or more generations, your dog will have PR papers.

  • Buffy Stacks

    I recently rescued a bully I have no idea what I am doing I’ve had pit bulls all my life but none of her size..I believe she is what you would call an xxl American bully she seems to be a bit old she doesn’t seem to move like a regular dog..she seems really sluggish I was told she was beaten and used for breeding excessively her teeth have been filed down I think to prevent her from attacking males because she is dog aggressive but extremely people friendly. I know basic information about pits and the responsibilities of owning one so I can handle her past but I don’t know about the diets I have feeding Purina one or raw chicken rice and pumpkin and vitamins to maybe help her joints which I think may be causing her sluggish gait but she seems to snort alot is this breathing problems and she pants even in the house because I refused to put her outside because she’s been through so much please help the first picture is when I got her home after I paid the guy to let me have her after watching him beat her for not letting the other dog mate with her she was skinny and had just had a litter not long ago the rest are current

  • Kane

    I had my bullys ears cropped two weeks ago and the tips have fallen over but lower ear still stands. Will they correct themselves or do I need to do something

  • James Bond

    I have seven bully puppies I’m trying not to go too low on the price because of all of what they need i have gotten for them. I inherited the mother while she was pregnant puppy. I have pictures of the father I’m trying to find out there bloodlines

    • The only way to determine the bloodline is through the dog’s registration papers. If the parents were not registered, there’s not way to know for certain.

  • Ab

    I bearly received my bully he’s 13 weeks old n breaths heavy is that normal

    • Yes, heavy breathing is normal and usually due to genetics.

      • Ab

        Thank you

      • Ab

        It sounds like if his nose is plugged up he runs n eats n drinks water normally he seems normal it’s just that breathing has me worried

        • You can always have your vet double check to make sure everything is alright. However, heavy breathing isn’t abnormal in most cases.

  • Trav

    Can any body tell me what kind of pitbull this is

  • Trav

    What kind of Pitt is this

  • Trav

    Can any one tell me why kind of Pitt this is

  • Wesley

    Hi, i got given a bully mixed standard pitbull. His 6.5 pounds at 7 weeks, is that a good weight ?(his mom was a nice size) he was one of the small ones out of the litter…should i add him on dyne as well
    to try motivate him to eat more ? i used to feed him gruel now that i just give him wet food an his not eating as much…any advice on growing him up big an strong

  • Trav


  • Trav

    No one answered my question so I take it no one kno what kind of Pitt she is got her from side of the high way I’m thinking she is bout three or four mo she just now starting to lose her teeth

    • By the looks of her, she looks like a standard American Pit Bull Terrier.

      • Trav

        Is that a good breed and thanks for the reply

  • Matt Attaway

    about to buy a female pup.These are the photos the breeder sent.She’s the smallest in the litter. Faults? What do you think? Should i buy her?

  • Kathryn

    Hi. My beautiful red nose pit turned 15 and I’m wondering how long theit life span is?

  • Dee

    Just got a 2 month old Bully pup..The breeder told me to feed the pup a mixture of Kibble (blue buffalo) Milk supplement, and Raw beef..He seems to like the mixture but is the RAW ground beef ok??

  • Bobby

    I am going to get a dog run kennel for my bully. Was thinking 10x10x6 is this a good size and I know I’m going with a welded wire but what is a good brand to get?

    • The two best kennel brands are magnum and priefert. Personally I prefer priefert. The durability is second to none.

  • Trav

    About bully got to bully pups how to get pappers sky and star and shld I crop there ears

  • Trav

    How they look to you 2 MO true bully’s or no

    • It will depend on the brand of food. Please refer to the bag for the recommended feeding amounts. In order to ensure your dog is a getting all of the required nutrients to grow, we recommend a meat-based dog food (

  • Marquies Wright

    Is 7week to young to leave there. Mother. Had a litter of ten but mom ran dry. Here is pic of mom and dad help me what is the breed

    • Marquies Wright

      Any one there

  • Vernell

    I got a 2 year old blue bully I got from my brother n law n my question is how do I get paper’s for him cause I’m looking to breed him by I’m always ask about his paper’s I’m a first time owner what r paper’s n wht will it tell me or show about my dog..

  • Vernell

    How can u find out ur bully blood line if u don’t know?

    • If your dog is not registered, there’s no way to determine the bloodline.

  • Danielle Smith

    I am looking to buy a bully but i have four little children that range from 2years -9 years old its 3 boy and one girl wat is the best gender I should get

    • Either gender will be suitable. The American Bully, when bred correctly, is a well tempered dog and will be great with kids.

    • They used to be called nanny dogs. Great with children. They make awful watch dogs!!

  • Amber

    Hello to all. I’m not sure where exactly to turn. I am looking for a bully for my husband to be his companion and service therapy dog. My husband is a veteran, 100% disabled with sever PTSD. He has had many set backs due to his mental condition and needs to feel more secure when he is outside of the home. He also suffers from nightmares. I am looking for someone to help me in the direction on where to find the perfect pocket pitty. I do believe a smaller dog would be beneficial due to the fact that there are so many places my husband has to g for treatments and Dr appts that a smaller dog would ride a little easier and fit into our family life better. Needing the dog to be basically bomb proof. Be able to deal with large crowds and not be scared easily. We have 4 children, ranging in ages of 2-13. My husband will be attending college at our local community college. So the dog will essentially go everywhere with my husband and sleep with us at night so that when my husband has nightmares he’s able to help wake him up and comfort him. I’m not looking for a free dog nor do I expect anything like that, I’m just hoping that someone will be able to direct me in the right direction to find the right breeder who can help me with exactly what we need. We absolutely love the bully breed and have had a couple in the past that stole our hearts and we believe with the bullies loyalty companionship it is a great match for my husband. So if anyone knows or can direct me to the right breeder I would be so grateful

    • Some of the top breeders include the following:,,, and

  • Scottie Maples

    What kind of food do you recommend for a 9 week old bully pup for a head start on muscle building?

  • Matthew Barr

    Me and my wife are having a debate on what color these UKC American Bullies are and I think blue lilac or champagne and she says blue brindle or silver. So I am asking does anyone know what color pups these are? They are 1 lb 9.1 oz with 7 3/4 inch heads. Oh also they are only a week old. Sire is blue and white and has razor edge, Excalibur, Rolex, Gotti in his 5 generation pedigree. Dam is a UKC reverse brindle and white.

    • Matthew Barr

      Dam on top and Sire on bottom.

    • Hi Matt, These pups are a mix of white and blue. Some of the blue coats show a light fawn tint, and others appear to show light brindle markings. If I were to describe the colors of their coats, I would describe them as blue and white piebalds. The term piebald basically means patched.

  • Lisa Marie Pfleger

    in 2 Weeks i’ll get a american bully ( pocket version) then he’s 17weeks old. What i should feed him? Dont need the activity one – habe also 2 frenchybulldogs. Hope u can help me 🙂

  • Jorge

    My neighbors gave me their beautiful 3 month old puppy due to family issues, he had no idea what type of bloodline it is. ACCORDING to him, it’s an America bully. Please help I’m new to this. It’s a male & just turned 3 months old two days ago.

    (my owner tried to clip his ears but was VERY un experienced, he shoudlve left it the way they were, don’t get on me for this one)

  • Jorge

    My neighbors gave me their beautiful 3 month old puppy due to family issues, he had no idea what type of bloodline it is. ACCORDING to him, it’s an America bully. Please help I’m new to this. It’s a male & just turned 3 months old two days ago.

    (my owner tried to clip his ears but was VERY un experienced, he shoudlve left it the way they were, don’t get on me for this)

    • Ear cropping should only be done by a licensed veterinarian. The American Bully is a breed of dog, not a bloodline. Bloodlines are created by breeders (Example: Razors Edge, Gottiline, Daxline, ext.). The only way to determine the bloodline is with registration papers. If the pup or the parents do not have registrations papers, there’s no way of telling what the bloodline is.

  • Robby Carbullido

    I have a xl bully male and a pocket bully female that bred what will be the outcome

    • I would recommend contacting a veterinarian that specializes in breeding. You will most likely need to schedule a c-section.

  • roland chavera

    Hi I have ano american bully and I am the one who made him because I had his parents that I got off people who were not into showing them so did not give them papers so I was wondering if I can still get the baby papers

    • The only place you can get the registration papers is from the breeder. If the pup’s parents are not registered, you cannot register the puppy.

  • jenell

    can you register your American bully even if she is a year old

    • Yes, as long as you have the registration papers from the breeder. You can register at any age.

  • Brian Adair

    My puppy is breathing extremely fast when he sleeps, and it stresse me out. What could be the reason? And is it normal for them to be extremely heavy sleepers? He is an American bully

    • Puppies breathe faster and more erratically when they are at rest or sleeping. Their heartbeats are also faster than those of an adult dog. This is completely normal and natural. Puppies’ rapid breaths and heartbeats will slow down as the body matures and develops.

  • melissa

    Hello! I have a 51/2 year old American Bully. We have had him since he was a puppy. Just recently he “pushed” my five and two year old girls away from the fence when my mother in law and her small dog were on the outside of it it and once when my neighbor was sitting on his back step. My mother in law is at the fence 3-5 times a week since before i had my dog. The neighbor travels a lot so he is hardly ever there but he has been in my yard before with my dog. Should i worry about his new behavior? Thanks for any help!

  • Raymond

    I have a 9 week old American bully currently transitioning him off of adult pure balance (dry) to origin larg breed
    puppy (dry) I want to fatten him up… I guess my question is how so? I mean I have to wait until this transition is over I’m giving it a total of 7 days until he is eating just origin I’m on day 3 feeding him half and half PB and OR, stools are nice and harden he is pooping a lil more than usual i do take him for walks not to long though about 30mins 2x a day its hot in Arizona I heard and read exercise is most important but should I just rely on origin to give him that extra edge as far as weight and Health is concern? Your guy’s help is definitely needed?

    • If weight and health are your top concerns, we would recommend Bully Max High Performance — It’s the only performance dog food with 5/5 star rating from Dog Food Advisor. It also has more calories than any other brand in it’s class (535 calories per cup).

  • Vinu Manoharan

    Hello there

    My bully gets spots like this . Blood test shows he is alright . But he gets this patch and hair loss on that spot . The spot looks dry and dandruff type .

    Can u tel me what is this and is this common .

    • This is most likely due to the current food you’re using. Dog foods rich in omega fatty acids (Such as Bully Max High Performance will resolve these common skin issues.

    • Nia

      My dog gets the same spots, she’s allergic to chicken & breaks out into hives from time to time. Anyway with that being said your dog could have allergies or may not be getting enough Fatty acids from his food : I recommend Purena One: Lamb and rice. And also get Nustock its a formula that u put on ur dogs spots every three days and it helps to regrow their hair faster . I’ve noticed that my dog shed a lot so that could also be something

    • T 1313

      It looks like ringworm, a fungus, requires a medicated shampoo from the vet.

  • disqus_hcRZGubJyp

    lets say you have a shorty bull accidentally tie up with your american bully female. is it possible to get the pups abkc registered still or is it against their standards.

    • No, they would have to be purebred in order to be registered.

  • Sheri

    Good morning all,
    my bully always tries to walk in front of me in the house and just comes to a dead stop and about trips me, also he wont leave my side….help

  • Jackie

    So someone is trying to sell us this dog and me and my husband are not as familiar but we have been trying to do research. I just want to make sure we are not getting screwed over especially since the ticket for the dog is so high. I’m posting the pictures. Also is the back leg supposed to look this way or is there something wrong with it. He says he has papers as well.

    • Here’s an article I recommend reading prior to purchasing a puppy:

      Regarding the rear leg, it’s difficult to determine if there are any issues, or it’s simple the angle of the photo. Ask if the breeder if they will meet at the vet for a full health screen prior to making the purchase.

      • Jackie

        Just by looking at the pics does it look like a bully. Just sent him a message about the vet so I’m waiting for a response.

        • A bully is somewhat of a loose term. There are many breeders that claim to breed “American Bullies”, but the quality of these dogs varies greatly. If the dog’s pedigree contains multiple ABKC champions, there’s a good chance that your puppy carries many of the traits of a quality American Bully puppy. The style of these dogs also varies greatly from one breeder to the next. Gottiline dogs for example, will carry much more girth and mass in comparison to a dog brend by Marco Suarez ( Both bloodlines are very high quality, however they are two different styles of dogs. This chart may help explain things a bit better:

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  • Melissa Allen

    Hi I have a 6 month old American bully that weighs 44 pounds. How much should she be gaining per week ? Currently she is gaining 1-2 pounds a week. Is that normal?

    • For growing dogs, we recommend keeping food available at all times. This ensures they will take in as many calories as needed. The amount of weight a dog gains per week varies greatly and depends on a number of factors. There’s not a standard amount of weight they should be gaining per week.

  • Maleigha Garza

    Is the American Bully branched from the American pitbull terrier breed.

    • Many of the original American Bullies were dogs that derived solely from the American Pit Bull Terrier. Initially, American Bully breeders line bred the APBT in order to achieve a larger, stockier dog, with thicker bone and larger heads. However, many of the American Bullies you see today have various bulldogs that were bred into their bloodlines. There are still a portion of American Bully breeders that have not added bulldogs into their bloodlines. One of them is

  • michelle

    I adopted a puppy tagged as a pocket bully (kijiji). I admit I didn’t ask a lot of questions because when I saw her I instantly fell-in-love with her. Now I’m wondering what pocket bully meant? I thought it meant she was to be a small bulldog (yep not the smartest here).
    can anyone tell me if she looks like she’s an American bully (pocket)…
    she’s was 17.2 lbs at 3 mos – now at 15 weeks might be around 25 lbs

  • Ray

    Hi ive just bought a female xhampagne blue stripe xl bully sire is grandson of cassias im told dam is grace ‘ totally come into the bully game blind ‘ firstly what is she worth ? Secondly i only got a application for permanent registration as paperwork, is that normal ? Legal? Ive had her chipped all jabs etc ill upload some pics now please leave some feed back

    • An application for permanent registration is exactly what you need to register her. Yes, this is legal and the standard for registering dogs. A dog is worth whatever somebody will pay for it. This ranges greatly and depends on a number of factors. However, having registration papers is a good start. The dog’s structure, temperament, ancestors, bloodline – these all factor in on the price of the dog. It also helps if you purchased her from a reputable breeder. It also helps if the dog was part of a certain breeding goal. If the dog was line bred and has a number of the same ancestor in their pedigree, this is also a good sign of a well bred dog.

  • Negus the God

    Can a 6 year ameican bully have pups ….. yes she has had a litter before

    • At 6 years old, yes, they still can. However, I would recommend taking her to a veterinarian that specializes in breeding prior.

      • Negus the God

        ok thanks

  • Daniela Aguirre

    Hello I am kinda new at bullys I have a 8 month dog and the other one is about 9 weeks and I don’t know if breeding is a good idea the 8 month boy his a Razor Edge and the 9 week old girl is a gottiline and don’t know what age she can have puppy’s and what age are they ready too breed

    • Great looking pup! It’s essential to wait until the female reaches full maturity prior to breeding her. This is usually around 2 years of age.

      • Daniela Aguirre

        Thank you and okay I was just wondering and looking throw alot so she can be ready

      • Daniela Aguirre

        Thank you. And okay I’ll be often on here too ask more questions thank you for helping me

  • Sally

    I rescued an American bully pup when she was 12 weeks old. I’m trying to determine if she’s a pocket or standard. Could you help me

  • Kristin

    We recently got a beautiful razor edge bully female, I am a bit concerned about her energy level. She is 4 months old and would rather chill on the couch all day then go for a walk, should I be concerned or is this a normal trait? Thanks

  • Taska Leach

    Hello. I was wondering, my male is a PR registered dog with the UKC but my female I just bred him to is only registered with the ABKC. I didn’t initially realize this. Can I still register the puppies?

  • Louie Carrisalez

    I have a 1 yr old rescue bully who gets along with my daschund but freaks out at other dogs. He pulls and screeches crazy does not growl or bark.He was attacked by a pit bull several times and has scars on his arms. He is great with kids but not with other dogs. I tried to introduce him to my neighbors dog and he snap at her face.I want him to be social and want to take him to a dog park but I am worried. Can anyone help?

  • Eric

    I’m new to the bully scene and I would like some advice on how to start a successful bully kennel .. I’m thinking about purchasing a female around march


    Ask the breeder for references. A good breeder will be more than willing to provide you with their previous customer’s contact information.

  • Daniela Aguirre

    Hello we got our girl bully three months ago and this guy is telling us that both parents have there paper and two weeks ago he told use that he didn’t have the moms paper that the person that gave him the mom didn’t give her the paper so know we can’t register our female what can we do??!! but the dad does have papers

  • Soham Chadha

    Hello. I have american bully who is 4 and half months old. He gets his front legs slipped sometimes and when he get up after sitting or after sleeping for long, he walks like with a pain in front right leg for 5 minutes nd then walk normally and sometimes i cant understand what is the problem with front right leg and i am giving him calcium and multivitamins too.
    Please suggest

  • Nikki Rapp

    I female was AI’d on her 3rd heat on 11/6. She is not showing any signs of being pregnant, is this normal? The stud is fine, sperm count verified. I have an ultrasound scheduled but would love to know if any one else had been through something like this?


  • Chris Pinder

    Can i breed an abkc and a ukc bully together?

    • The only problem you’d have is with the paperwork. The two dogs must have the same registry papers and be under the same breed.

  • Lindy Williams

    My bully Cleo is 1 year old female. The past two weeks she seems to have lost weight but is eating fine. Is this normal?

  • Lindy Williams
  • tom

    I’m new here searching for owners like us to help out our Maxi who is 1 year old. He is in for surgery to both rear knees. Any help would be appreciated even if just in your prayers.

  • John cunningham

    Is it ok to breed an American Pitbull with an American bully?

  • Pretty Jann

    Hey. I have an American bully can I let my dog outside at 4 weeks.

  • Erica

    I have an American bully that is razors edge he is taller then alot of the American bullys I have seen doing research I prefer the dog to have a little longer leg because I do a lot of sports with my dogs. Any way my question is is there a breeder that you can recommend with a tad bit taller dog?

  • LeslieK

    hello, I am fairly new to the bully world. I adopted a male to stud. he is about 12-14 weeks old and his testicles are no where to be found. I have been told by a couple of people that this is normal in bully breed and it could take up to 6-7 months for them to drop. My vet says this is bad and should consider neutering. Does any one have any experience with this?

  • Joseph

    My bully male is 7lbs at 5 weeks old is that healthy?

  • Erica Perez

    Hi I just got me an American Bully and she is almost 4mos old. Ive been noticing that at times she sleeps with a piece of her tongue out and she breaths hard like if she is conjested. I would like to know if that is normal or does my dog have a problem. I cant afford a vet right now but i would your opinion. either than that problem she is good and real active. Please help.. Thank you

  • Douglas Filipe

    Hi People!
    I love American Bully, especially Gottiline bloodline, like DAXline.

    I’m living in Brazil and I can see on social media, like facebook, instagram, many guys saying, “Oh my dog is Dax Line” but these dogs has one particular thing, they has Prognathism. I saw various videos, photos and never recognized this particular on DAX. For me is a perfect Bully, the legend, and hear people talking “My dog has prognathism, because is DAX line”.

    So my question is, DAX was a dog prognathic?

    Anyone can answer it?

    Regards from Brazil!

  • Raytoven

    Hey I’m Tryin to get papers for my female dog but her mom didn’t have papers and the father had papers ….could I still get her registered if I have the male info

    • Mark Jayson Agapito

      yes sir. you could register your bully. Single Registration.

  • Mario Gonzalez

    Here goes a question for those that have kennels. Do you guys just keep your dog’s in their kennels at all times and let them out only when supervised? Or do you just let them roam and only put them in to sleep?

  • Mosende Edison

    How to take care of new born puppies to increase percentage of survival??

  • Mark Jayson Agapito

    what if i don’t know the Peds of my bully. can i register it by Single Registration? her picture.

  • Freddy Caetano

    I have a bully is 5 months old but he’s in that slanky skinny stage stage I do feed him top food Blue Buffalo he’s very healthy play full runs gets out a lot just wondering how long before we start filling out

  • Freddy Caetano

    I have a 5 month old but also slanky I just want to know what age they start filling out. wit and girth??ps. I know he’s still a puppy just was wondering thank you

  • Freddy Caetano

    I have a 5 month old bully but he is kind of slanky just wondering when he will start to fill out I know he’s a puppy only 5 months old but just wondering lot of people telling me different things.. thank you

  • Arthur aleman

    I am looking to start breeding bullys my self, I have a 3 year old female I really want. She has had a litter of 6 already and they all came out really good. Question is when ever I purchase her what should I get with her as in documents? He showed me her pedigree on bully pedex. Is that enough or should I ask for more info? He is a local.

  • Mario Gonzalez

    Can you keep a male bully together with a female?

  • Jacob Mares

    Yo I just bought a bully how do i know what his bloodline is?

  • Mike Baylis
  • Marlon Shaw

    I was wondering if their are any breeders that have XL American bullies and not XL pit bulls.

  • Marissa Martinez

    Hi so I have a 2 week old pit bull puppy the mom was a bully and the dad was a pitbull I’m not sure what type of pitbull she is and I’ve never had a pitbull before so I’m not sure how to take really raise her I currently baby her cause she’s still is a baby she’s about to be 3 weeks February 17, 2017 so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to baby her but I just want her to grow up to be happy, friendly, and healthy (I got her when she was a week and 3 days old and the reason I got her so young cause her mom died she was hit by a car the same day I got her) so do you have any tips on how I can raise her?

  • Nyala Manwah-D’angelo

    Im alittle worried my dog is 9 weeks old snd shes breathing very heavy in her sleep also sneezing & has a runny nose. Is this normal ?

    • Wet noses are common, however a runny nose is not. I would recommend contact your vet if this persists.

  • Ali Morales

    I just purchased a bully from a breeder, on the registration papers for ukc he has the dog listed as a American pit bull terrier. I read up, and I noticed the ukc allows you to do a breed transfer to an American bully. my question is, should I do it? And if so does that mean if I find a person that has a bully but it’s registered under as a pit bull terrier does that mean if we have puppies they aren’t considered pure even though the mom is a bully. This is where I get confused.

  • Shubham Preet Singh

    Hi. I have American bully and he is 8 months old and his height is 49 cm. I want to know how much height will he gain and he’s smallest in litter

    • A good rule of thumb would be to go by the parent’s size. If he was 20% smaller than his litter mates, then it’s likely he’ll be 20% smaller than his sire when he matures.

  • Kristin Greer

    I have a 5 month bully that has never poop in his kennel. Past couple nights I wake up to a poop explosion. What could this be? Food has been the same, nothing given that was different. It’s a big mess to clean and I’m nervous for my pup. Any remedies or anyone else have had this issue with their bully?,

  • Michelle Jackson-Ware

    I have a bully that is 1 year of age and he just started dry heathing every 2 seconds when he is moving around but he doesnt do when he is relaxed. I have no idea what that means, any suggestions? He spends alot of time outside maybe its allergies?????

    • Allergies are a possibility, however I would recommend asking your vet for their opinion.

  • Mark

    I have a 6 month older bully and she has loose skin in the neck and rib cage area. Her chest and shoulders are very muscular but still has some loose skin. My question is, will this fill in and her bulk up as she gets older.

    • Loose skin is very common with puppies. As they get older, the skin will tighten up.

  • Avinash vhatkar

    I’ve purchased the one month female American bully… but now she is having loose motion and vomiting…
    Wht can I do???

  • Lilly Hannah

    Hi! Im new to the bully world. My beautiful girl Iris is almost 5mo old. She just had her last puppy visit with the vet 1 week ago and she was wonderfully healthy! BUT 2 days ago i was giving her love and noticed she has developed a lump on her right side between her rear leg and ribs up by her a little lower that her spine. Its about the size of a quarter. Its not hard and it does move when i touch it. I have already made her a visit with the vet to get it checked but id like to know what im getting into.

    • Hi Lillly, sorry for the late follow up. Hope everything went well with the vet visit. Feel free to follow up here incase other dog owners experience this issue in the future. Thank you.

  • Nav

    Hi,i hav a near about 4 months old american bully puppy. He broke his upper front two teeth while playing with a toy.Will the new teeth errupt???

    • His new teeth should come in fine. No need for concern.

  • Andy Rivera

    Do runts from a litter ever grow to be bigger than bigger pups from same litter?

    • Usually the runt of the litter will remain smaller than his litter mates. However, you can ensure maximum growth with the right diet. Bully Max was formulated for just that –

  • Jordan ashton

    Hi ive got a 9 week old bully his dad is registerd but not the mum . So i did t pay as much for him what can i do about trying to register him is it a thing yet? Whats the chance of him getting taken from me can they trace his blood through his grand dad and dad who are famous in america?

  • Jordan ashton

    Im in the uk

  • carmella james

    How can I go by getting a esa as a bully

  • agnzlz

    Is multiple bloodlines in a pedigree bad , and for there to only be one champion? does that change the worth of a dog

  • Kelly

    Hi I got a American bully girl we seen both parents papers the breeder isn’t bothering about forwarding papers for r pup to us and we’ve end up falling out over it we have a video of dads pedigree but unfortunately r missing the fisrt 2 genarations of mums pedigree this includes mums name plus her parents have u any advice on how we can get her registered

  • Chris

    I have a class bully that ukc registered as apbt can I breed her to a registered bully and registered the litter, or will I be denied

  • Tmpc159

    Is it common in the bully breed for knee injurys requiring tplo surgery?? Wondering if it’s a genetic thing or due to injury?

  • Marie

    Just bought a 3 month old bully with Miagi blood in her. I have a couple questions… her breathing is crazy especially when she sleeps, almost like she’s really thirsty and like her whole body moves crazy with her breathing the whole times she’s sleeping. Is This normal?? Second when you go to pick her up it’s almost like her arms go weak and when she is in your arms or laying down her arms and legs kind of spread out almost like swimmers syndrome but she seems to walk okay. Is this all normal. Is it just because she’s so short and wide that she does this?? I’m just worried and want to make sure she’s okay and the vet is expensive. Any help would be appreciated

  • Michelle Voutsinas

    I have a 8 month old blue bully i am a first time owner i have taken her to a vet she is broke out in a bad rash all over her body they told me it was a flea allergy and gave me a shampoo it didnt help now i am just reaching out trying to figure something out

  • Gregory M Knight

    Can i get my apbr registered male titan abkc registered and or ukc and if so how?

  • Hattie Grier
    • astrobal villaflor

      ordinary blue brindle.

  • Miguel

    It’s a good idea to leave an American bully loose in the backyard the whole day.. or should I cage him for time and then let him loose?

  • Sheila Ballard

    I have a 6 month year old bully. He is too excited at all times. How can I calm he down?

  • Manpreet singh

    hi. i have one & half year blue american bully if i feed bully max supplement to my dog. it can enhance the head of my dog? please give me some suggestion

    • Bully Max is formulated to enhance overall growth and muscle mass. This includes bone growth.

      • astrobal villaflor

        mass and bones is in their blood or genes and not in any kind of enhancer.

  • Rick

    Hi my name is Rick and my question is how do I register my puppies if my Dam paper work says her breed is american bully through UKC because we had to do a single registration and the sire that we breed with paper work says pitbull terrier through UKC

  • Amanda Casiano

    Are female bullies prone to uti’s and high urine ph? I’m new to the breed. I have a 6 month male and female. The female had uti at first vet visit and was treated by three different antibiotics. She was better and then started the symptoms again. We just changed her food from a grain free food to Bullymax. She seems to like it better. Ph is still 8 but no other uti. Vet recommended vitamin c pills. I noticed bullymax contains cranberries so I’m that’s why I’m wondering if it’s a tendency of the breed.

  • Michael

    I have a xl bully and I can’t figure out why he wouldn’t stop having diarrhea. We took him to the vet and they had us change his food to a prescription and we did and nothing has changed he just keep getting skinner and skinner day by day and at this point I don’t know what to do any


    i just bought my puppy yesterday. According to the previous owner, the whole litter was de-wormed and checked for diseases yesterday as well. All puppies came out negative for anything, but my puppy is pooping blood. Could this be because of the de-wormer or might he really be sick?

    • astrobal villaflor

      watch out for parvo virus bro..

  • Becky Bea Davis

    Hello, I have an bully that’s 5 months his coat was sliver/blue when I 1st brought him. Two months ago I notice the coat getting lighter and today I’ve seen light brown patches. What can I do to get his color back normal and why is it changing..? His parents are both blue/sliver

    • This is quite common during the summer and is due to the laying in the sun. Nothing to be concerned about. Sometime over the winter you’ll notice his coat will go back to a darker blue color.

      • Becky Bea Davis

        Can do something about it now during summer

  • Debra Flores

    I have a bully and parents are registered but original owner lost his papers for our dog I have names a register number for litter what do I do to get my dog registered under his name

  • Joseph McKinney

    Had a question about breeding I’m in the process of buying a xl bully(female) and I wanted to known can you breed the xl with a pocket. Wanted to know for future reference

  • Amrit

    How many puppies American bully have?

  • Anthony Leger

    I am considering adopting a American bully puppy in the near future and I was wondering if I should get a female pup since I already have a 3 year old female German Shepherd mix? I’m not against a male but I would rather female if possible. I’ve had my Shepherd since she was 3 months old and she’s been fixed since I adopted her. Any advice is welcome.


  • Jimmy

    I intend to have my 3 year old female Pittbut fixed but, until I do, what is the best way to deal with or correct her being so emotional during her monthly cycle? She will lay around and wine but the worse is her emotions toward me. She wants to be on me constantly. Alot more than normal

  • Christy Her

    Hi. I have many dogs but we just got 2 new bullie pups and was told they can’t touch the ground outside or anything like that. They are 10 ems old now and I was wondering when can they touch grass and what not because I would love to take them for walks

  • Gina

    I have a 7 month old male exotic bully. What is your opinion on neutering him? I have read 6 months is fine and I have read to wait until a year old for correct growth of head and muscles. I would appreciate the pros and cons.

  • Nick

    Hey every one I have an pocket bully well her mom was a blue pitbull and dad was and exstem pocket bully she does have papers but she 8 months old and haven’t grew since she was 5 months she doesn’t have that look to her as of her dad but is very short without the boldness to her so what will she turn out do I need to feed her more? Or what?

  • Jeremy Kendzora

    Hi I have a female bully that is about to go into her second heat and was wanting to breed her.. She is 5xs dax and one time miagi the stud is 6xs miagi and 2xs dax. This would make the pups 7 and 7.. is this too much or should I go with an outcross? Here are the two peds.. any help would be much appreciated! Thank u

  • Sandra Juneau

    Why does my bully chew at the edge o our clothing like she is getting fleas off

  • Richard Smith

    I live in Indiana and just bought a pup from Colorado a couple weeks back. The problem is this, he’s only 3 and a half months old and when someone new come to my house his hair is standing on edge and he gets a really deep growl. I just don’t understand at his age this is normal. Any advice?Something else that has been bothering me is when he’s eating and I try to touch him he cowers down like I’m going to hurt him. I haven’t even attempted to ever put my hands on him. When I call his name and he comes to me and I reach down to pet him he does the same thing. I need help.One more thing if I may, I bought him a chest harness and he won’t walk on it. So what I did was bought him a training collet to put on along with his harness. The problem is, is that when I have to use his training collet he start whining and tries to nip at me. What should I do?

  • Justin

    Hello I just purchased a American bully a tiny one I believe it’s rendered to as a micro or pocket. He eats canned food from the vet a digestive formula. Was told that he can only eat that three times a day nothing else and no treat or he might get a prolapse anus . My question is this normal
    He’s 10 months old I want to change his diet to raw rather than canned prescription diet from the vet. I just took him to the vet everything seems fine. Any diet information for this micro billy’s diet would be greatly appreciated. And followed. Thanks.

  • Jay Angel

    Bought a pup from a breeder claims it was an American bully got her when she was 7weeks old.she has big ears and their standing up is that normal?

  • Jay Angel

    Bought a pup from a breeder claims it was an American bully got her when she was 7weeks old.she has big ears and their standing up is that normal?

  • dontbullymybreed02

    This breeder I found in tags on instagram “xxl designer pitbulls” had some red flags in their website. I asked them to clarify what they meant when calling their dogs “xxl american bully pitbulls.” is it APBT or american bully? i also asked how they are registered if they are xxl. What is registration for xxl bullies? I also asked what bloodlines. They deflected all questions and said I’m not the type they’d sell to because my questions show I am uninformed about the breed. I asked them..which breed though? are u selling bullies or apbt? they couldnt answer any questions and told me
    I was just ignorant. what? is it not normal to want to know about the dog’s registration/pedigree/bloodlines?

  • lora

    what are the average paw dimensions (L and W dimensions) for an adult, male american bully?

    • This varies greatly. American Bullies range from 40 lbs – 120+ lbs.

  • Patra ree

    Can a person claim a american bully is a american pitbull terrier and/or Staffordshire bull terrier?? Or can one say that the parent foundations blood would of gotten bred out by now thru all the generations of breeding, thus making the UKC recognize them as their own breed??
    BTW both parents are reg as am bullys

  • Bj

    I have a official Bully female but I copped her from a dude I know and I still paid $700 without papers thats how much I knew she was official bcuz she has all the qualities of the best bully I ever seen, nuff a dat, how can I get her bloodline or ancestery or sumn or do a DNA with UKC or ABKC without papers can I get some if her lineage is found that way bcuz I have so much faith in her and anyone else would if they seen her.

  • Linda Means Trichell

    My pit bull (rather large girl) got breed with a Bully.. Should she be able to have the puppies without a problem or is there a big change she will have to have a cesarian section?

    • We would recommend getting an opinion from a vet. There are many different variable and it’s difficult to tell without examining the dog.

  • kianewt

    I have a 4 1/2 month American bully male. I feed him 30/20 dog food and calorie gel. Just trying to see what else everyone else adds to help put on weight.

  • Ashley

    Hi just got our first bully we are super excited an want to give him the best diet for his breed !! I was told about the raw egg an coconut oil but I was told to do it everyday should I not everyday ??? Also what is the best food he should have he’s a blue American bully …..also what kind of shampoo should I use for baths ???

  • Montreal Hensley

    i got a pocket bully 5× dax blood i understand that ukc banned the blood because they cant tell what this particular class is crossed with. but my question is is it possible to breed pocket bullies with xl and if so whats the outcome.

  • Brandon

    Hi im wondering if anyone has ever had issues after feeding their bully Bil-Jac adult senior formula dry food. My lil buddy Zeus is a shelter rescue i saved 9 months ago to help me deal with losing my two bullies in a fire 4yrs ago. He has from day one been a very calm chill smart and responsive companion and loves the kids Australian shepard and their yorkie to the point of having to separate them for being to damn rowdy and playn nonstop lol never any aggression. I came across a good deal on 30lb bags of the bil jac food and started feeding zeus it 3 days ago and since he has snapped at the aussie and about made the grave mistake of biting me yesterday. He spends most all day every day with me as it is he is now a support animal and passed all the behavior training and testing. And i find it very suspect he has changed like this all of a,sudden and only thing changed is this food. Any insight as to where to look for info or info in general will b greatly appreciated

  • Angie

    Hello I️ am new to having a American bully I️ have some questions I️ brought a dog for 500 from a lady she said mom is a pocket bully and dad is a snub nose bully I️ asked her for blood line she said razor edge I️ will post pics of my puppy she’s 8 weeks and ways 9 pounds

  • Brent Wiebe

    Question 4. So when you pay for a puppy that is UKC & ABKC registered from the breeder you will only get temporary papers? I would assume this is due to because they would need your personal info?

  • Nithin

    Hai did American bully have blue eyes

  • Casandra Naputi
    • Casandra Naputi

      My husband and I are new to the Bully world. We have one American Staffordshire Pit. So any info on Bullies will be great.

  • Alan

    Hey there I have few ?? hope I can get some info, i got an “american bully” no papers, is tricolor , is it true or fact that this color only apears on bullys , if so would this make it pure breed .Thanks

    • astrobal villaflor

      rottweiler dogs is also trico.

  • Marie

    what kind of blood test are given to bulldogs to determine if puppies are mature enough to be born?

  • Tobias Williams

    If neither parent has papers how can a dog get registered

  • Daunte Johnson

    How do I tell if my 3 month old American Bully female is going be pocket size or not?

  • Daunte Johnson

    I wanted to how I should go about buying a American Bully puppy from other state but I can’t go there so how do I go about this??

    • They can ship you the dog. But we highly recommend using paypal or a credit card to ensure your money is safe. If the breeder fails to ship the pup, you can file a chargeback with paypal or your credit card company.

  • Cat

    I have an American bully and he is really hyper, I know it sounds gross but he irritates his penis a lot and he looks to be very sexually active. We are in the process of finding him a female. Will this calm him down and after should I neuter him? He is extremely hyper

  • Rose

    I bought a miagi bloodline over 1 1/2 year ago and I received the paperwork for my bully but I never sent it in to register my bully and I lost all the paperwork. Is there anyway to get paperwork again?

    • Yes, you can contact the breeder. They will need to obtain new paperwork for you.

  • MeMyself

    How early can a bully be weaned off his mother and sent to its new home? Just curious. One guy told me they’d be ready to go at 3 weeks… That seems AWFULLY early to me. Thoughts?

  • Anthony Santiago

    I was goin to buy a american bully today however the ukc papers say was a American Pitbull Terrier? That means the pup is not a american bully right?

    • All American Bullies derived from American Pit Bull Terriers. You with find APBT’s in the pedigree of all American Bullies.

  • Anthony Santiago

    I wana make sure I’m not buying a pitbull need your help guys my firts Time getting a bully

    • Check the dog’s paperwork and research the bloodlines you see in the first 3 generations.

  • Angel

    My bully recently just had her first litter of 7 about 4 weeks ago , she is a micro bully and 6 of the puppies came out with long tails but the largest out of the litter came out with a shorter tail than the rest , and I just wanted to know if he would be able to participate in bully dog shows like ABKC if his tail isn’t so long

  • Kelly Allen

    7 week old bully puppy has a redden bump/blister?!? Has anyone ever seen this and how to treat?

    • This is normal and usually is the same as a person having a pimple. You can follow up with your vet during the next visit, but it’s usually nothing to worry about.

  • Marcos

    I bought a purebred bully but decided to not get papers with it to reduce pricetag. If i breed her with another purebred bully with out papers and sell pups with cropped ears , what do you think is reasonable price.??? Opinions please

    • We don’t recommend breeding dogs without papers. It’s more difficult for these pups to find permanent homes and a portion of the litter usually ends up in shelters. I would recommend contacting the breeder and getting the dog’s paperwork prior to breeding.

  • FedUpRN

    Hi, I recently became owner of a 1 yo Bully with Miagi bloodline. We have 4 others dogs, 6 yo M Pit, 5 yo F Pit, 4 yo M Shepard/Husky Mix and a 9 yo F pit mix. Our bully was not neutered when we got him, he has been since. All dogs were getting along fine for 3-4 weeks, then out of the blue our bully bit our 6 yo M Pit on the head/ear and wouldn’t let go. I managed to dis-engage them (my bully was the one latched on), the 6 yo required 2 staples. Later that day, the bully went after him again. Our trainers recommend separation, muzzle training for the more aggressive dog. Separating them goes against my natural instincts, but I guess we will follow the advice of the professionals. My question is this. Can a “break stick” be used on bully’s? I notice the space between their rear molar and jaw isn’t very big ??? I’ve had experience with fighting before when my husband and I merged our dogs when we met. This involved 3 females and it was all about the alpha spot, they sorted it out in time, we didn’t do any separating in the house at that time, but then again we never had 2 fights in one day.

  • Marko

    Hi I just bought a 13 week old XL American Bully. His parents are huge!

    Father is 21 inches and 125-130 lbs and mother is 23″ and 140 lbs.

    I would like him to have some muscle mass but not short and stocky.

    I’m told if I neuter him a bit younger than the norm, he will have a longer, leaner appearance. But what age is a good age? I would like him to be about 24-25″ and like I said, be lean, not stocky.

  • New Bully Owner

    I bought a Bully pup (from a successful, known breeder) for my family because I loved or neighbors Bully. It was so sweet, and loved our kids. Our Bully is 5 months old now and has been a biting, barking, peeing psycho since day one. He bullies our other dog and is aggressive all the time. We’ve tried every training tactic. He’s smart, but we’re to the point of selling him. I get the feeling he isn’t trying to be “mean” but rather he doesn’t know his own strength. From my research and the example next door, this goes against everything I know about this breed.
    Please help.

    • New Bully Owner

      Also, his dad is razors edge / gator mouth and mom is gotti blue nose. The breeder has never had an aggressive one. I met his dad and he as awesome.

  • Alonzo Gordon

    I have a male bully that mated with a mix pitbull, I know this is a silly question but will they still be considered mutts

    • American Pit Bull Terriers can be found in every American Bully’s pedigree. This is the main breed they derived from.

  • Tony Thomas

    I have an 11 month old blue daxline American bully, her parents both are registered, but the breeder is incarcerated, how do I go about registering my bully

    • You will have to get the paperwork from the breeder. They will be able to do this by mail. Alternatively, you can contact the registry & request they provide a form for the breeder to sign (can also be done by mail).

  • Sue

    We just became Bully parents and love our new addition to the family she’s a Blue brindle best pup ever. 4 months old. The Vet was talking to us about fixing her, I’m not sure. I’ve read different articles on the subject now I’m really not sure. What would be the healthy choice here. We’re not looking to breed , but would like to have healthy pup that has a long life span. Help

    • If you’re not planning on breeding her, getting her fixed is a healthy choice.

  • brian

    I have bought a tri american bully GREAT BLOODLINE…..he just turned 3months but is like 21 pounds. Is this noemal ? I feed him Diamond high in protein n fat ? Hes growing quicker by the day just wanted to know if his weight is on point. I know others that are bigger. Hes a standard with 8 generations of winners in blood flew to little rock to get him from pa

  • brian
  • Mariah84

    What do u feel was the best breeding to contribute to the bully breed?

  • Amanda

    My family had recently brought a Pocket Bully named Apollo into our family. The first week we had him he was the best dog, he got along with our kids and our other dogs and the most well behaved. After the first week everything changed! He is now trying to attack our other dogs and us. I tried to get him off of our couch and he bit me, even after biting me he continued to growl at me like he was going to attack me. For the past 3 days he has been fully trying to attack my husband. I am worried to the point of getting rid of him. Is there anything anyone can suggest?

  • Jvince Almendral

    is it possible to import an exotic bully to the phillipines. if it is.. please educate me how? and how much does it gonna cost..

  • Gerad Zackey

    Hey guys i have a male XL bully 2nd pick male
    His 1 year 7 months now and iv been following his family brothers and sisters, but his alot smaller than all of them they all have 24 25 26 inch heads weighing at 50 to 60 kg and my boy is 23 INCH HEAD weighing at 42 kg so my question is he still gonna grow and untill what age does he stop and when does his head stop growing or is this him and his done ?

    • Dogs will grow until the reach roughly 2 1/2 years of age. To maximize growth and add additional muscle mass you can add Bully Max to their diet (

  • Genesis

    Can i registered 14 months old dog. both parents are abkc registered?

    • Yes, you can register a dog at any age as long as you have the original registration paper from the breeder. If you no longer have this paper, contact the breeder for this.

  • Isaac

    Are there any bully friendly real estate agencies in or around Fort Bragg, NC

  • Cassie

    I have an American bully and currently have some neighbors accusing he’s a pit bull and causing a lot of commotion. I need to get him registered but I lost his papers from the Breeder I got him from. Curious if have some input on how to go about registering him?

  • Angie Wilson

    Hello everyone. I have a 10.5 months old and 95lbs American Bully XL. He has been taking the Bully Max tablets since he was 4 months old. He’s extremely active, (he goes to dog day camp everyday). Just recently he is starting to have trouble jumping up on the bed or in the car. Is that normal for the XL’s? He can still do it but he pulls himself up instead of jumping like he use too.

  • Chris

    Can i breed ABKC BULLY to a ukc registered BULLY and get papers on puppies

  • Michelle Romero

    I have a question. My male Bully got out of his kennel 2 xs and hot into the yard with my female bully. My neighbor said they hot stuck 2xs. I believe she is now pregnant. But she isn’t a yesterday old yet. She’s barely 10 months. They r both papered .But I have been told that since she isn’t a year old her puppies can’t be papered. Is this true.

    • This is not true. It’s very dangerous for a dog to have puppies at this age, but it won’t impact their paperwork.

      • Michelle Romero

        Thank u for answering me back. She did turn out to be pregnant. The vet said she would be ok to continue with pregnancy. She was seen every week in the office and all went well. She had only one puppy its a male and we named him Patron. But thanks again.

  • Anthony Brown

    Why do my dog ukc papers say pitbull terrier but she razoredge gotti in mikeland in bloodline

    • The bloodlines you mentioned all derived from American Pit Bull Terriers.

  • Charrie Hayward

    my bully dog is very lethargic she shedding really bad and she’s pooping a lot and it’s not normal and it feels like she has a fever I’m not really sure how to tell that she’s not herself at all and she 6 years old so you have any tips for me

    • We recommend taking her to the vet right away.

  • Charrie Hayward

    That’s what I’m afraid of I’m disabled and take care of my pregnant daughter and can’t afford it AT all any tips on how I can help my Dixie??she is our world

  • Catherine Plasencia

    What shampoo and conditioner do you best recommend?

  • Lanika Jn Baptiste


    My Husband and I purchased a pup two weeks ago. Although he came with no papers we saw the parents and were convinced Shiloh (Our Puppy) is an American Bully, until yesterday while I was walking him, I was asked his breed and told he was not a bully! I was hoping you could take a look a him via pics and confirm if he is a bully or not?

    • astrobal villaflor

      i’m sorry but he’s not..

  • Heather Pfarner
    • Jd

      try Tea Tree oil on those Areas for 5 days my dog had similar spots and my vet told me to use it worked wonders!

      • Heather Pfarner

        Thanks, he finally seen the new vet. It’s a combination of a yeast/bacterial infection. He is on his servings round of antibiotics for the yeast (terbanifine) and is also on his first round of reflex forthe bacteria infection. This vet actual did skin scrapping on 4 different parts of his body. She said this can take a while to heal.

  • Yoly

    When buying a bully and you get the blue paper that says (application for permanent registration) is that the paper I need so that I could get the real papers? I’m wanting to get full papers for both of my dogs.

  • jyoung

    Is it normal for some American bullies have an underbite?

  • Anne

    Can I register a bully after 6 months

  • Phil Mcdade

    Hi there

    I have an claim bully he’s 6 months old and around 70lbs ,he is slightly higher at the rear than the front ,will his front end catch up

  • BiggJay33

    When is it safe to take bully puppies outside? My in-laws have a litter that is 7 weeks old and we will be bringing two home. I have heard that they cannot go outside for another 4-5 weeks but that seems a bit much.

    • Jd

      I Never allow my puppies to go outside for the 1st 8 weeks OR When they have All their shots due to Parvo and other things they may contract from the soil or grass.

  • alex Leyva

    By any chance do you know what I can mix in there diamond food that gives them benefits also what weight does a bully reach

  • Jd

    Im having a hard time figuring out the color of this girl. Do I Register her as Chocolate, Red or Fawn? Can I register as Red?

  • Jd

    What color would you say she is? Im having a Hard time figuring out if shes Considered Red, Chocolate or Fawn For Registration.

  • Reia Profit

    My puppies mother is a purebred blue pit an his father is a purebred pocket bully …. I’m new to both breeds of dogs … what do I have to look forward to ??? An can I register Him an if so with whom

  • David

    Hey guys so I got this dog about 3 months ago aproximately the breeder said he breeds American bully xl dogs I always wanted a bully so I’d decided to get him I went to go get him and say the dad and holy crap he was huge but he didn’t have any registration,the mom did but honestly I don’t care much for papers since I’m not planning on breeding him or want him as a show dog I just want a pet.his mom had a ukc registration under sultan linage.i just want to know if he’s really an American bully or what breed is he? He looks a little skinny but again he’s only 5 months,tell me what you guys think and if possible let me know if he’s actually a bully,regards 🙂 up

    • astrobal villaflor

      for me he’s not american bully the way he looks, also i don’t see any potential in him even if he’s just a puppy.

  • kunwar kapila

    on whose the blood line of pup goes mother or father?

  • Linda Michelle Brown

    I have a question that I’m hoping someone can help me with. My husband and I purchased an american bully puppy, well it has the papers stating the breed of american bully. I’m just not sure of which one it .

    Please advise!

  • max

    What is an appropriate age to neuter an American Bully? since I have been told they need testosterone to develop girth/structure

    • A quality diet is all that is necessary for optimal growth and development.

  • Alisha M Geelan

    I have a puppie in my letter is starting to Knuckle out in his leg what dog food to feed it

    • We recommend Bully Max High performance for optimal health and growth.

  • Erin H

    My Bully is three years old and anytime we leave him alone, he is so destructive. I have narrowed it down to boredom (even though we leave a bone and KONG out for him) or anxiety. We tried kenneling him but he literally just ate through the crate. Obviously, I am worried about him destroying my furniture.. He literally ate the arm off my couch last night while we were at the gym… BUT I am more worried about his heath and safetly. We found a thick furniture screw on the floor that he could have swallowed. Anyway, I am needing some advice on indestructable crates or any other advice you have to stop this behavior.

    • A priefert or magnum kennel is nearly indestructible. However, I would recommend getting to the root cause. By the sounds of things, you may need to increase the amount of exercise your dog is getting. A few fun and easy exercises are the treadmill, flirt pole, and spring pole. If you dog doesn’t have energy left to be destructive, they’ll stop destroying things.

  • Francisco Mitter

    My dog 2 year old he Pitbull terrier on the paper he ukc I never got him Register still new to this and been Busy is it too late to turn his papers in thank y’all for taking yalls time for reading this let me know ASAP

    • If you have the papers, it’s not to late to turn in the registration papers (there is a small late fee however). If you don’t have the registration papers, you will need to contact the breeder to obtain them.

  • Ray Mundo

    Any recommendation on supplements for allergies? I have a Razors edge/Gottiline/Mikelands bloodline Bully. Thanks

  • Arielle Thompkins

    Hi, I am a first time dog owner and the only breed that I am interested in is the American Bully. Some say it’s not a good choice for first time owners and some say if you can be a pack leader then you should do just fine. what do you suggest?

  • Matt laws

    I am looking for a breeder that still breeds the OG bloodlines. I am looking for a muscular athletic built bully with a strong bloodline. Something that’s built like Remy from remyline or Juan Gotti from gottiline or the OG Razor’s edge. Do those breeders/dogs still exist?

  • Chelsy atwood

    So i was just curious i was looking to buy a bully and the breeder want me to pick her up at 6 weeks is this okay ? Will cause problems ?

  • Ben Wittick

    Can male american bullys, have free run together? {in a yard} or do they have to be kept separate?

  • Bryan Woodard

    I bred my male to a friends female for 1st pick female. Well he’s keeping it and not fulfilling our agreement. Can I legally withhold the sires registration info. So the litter can’t be registered

  • Martie Quilenderino

    Hello all! New to the Bully world and loving every minute of it, up til now. My five month old female is 40 lbs, healthy and happy. Just recently she started displaying the “bully bumps” and small patches of hair loss. I researched and found this is common and the most popular remedy is switch to the BARF diet. So cold turkey I took away the kibble that I had been adding eggs to and began giving her RAW. The first day was cut up chicken breast, with egg and a little kale. This morning again chicken and eggs. Now she is having very loose stool. I hate seeing her suffer with bully bumps, do I try to continue with BARF? I am feeling a little helpless and unsure what to do, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Didi

    Hi just a quick question , the American bully breed, are the standards for every ABKC show the same in every country ? I ask only because I see a lot of different champs eveywhere some are fat, no muscle, easty westy , loose skin in the faces , unfit anable to barley walk ect
    Also does the bloodline help in a show even if the dog is not up to the ABKC standered ?
    If the judge is not doing his job correctly like prizing an unhealthy dog could someone complain? And where ?
    Thanks in advance . This is the best page ever 👏thanks to this page I think my mind will rest at ease 🙏🏼


    Ok so i purchased an american bully male and i got the blue application for permanent registration when i recieved him but now the seller is saying that i shouldnt register him cuz hes not a breeder just a pet? What does that mean? And why shouldnt i register him when both his parents are registered and listed on his registration papers

  • Joey Rivera

    I have two female pitbulls. The oldest is around 12 yrs old and the puppy is around 8 months. I am having a lot of trouble with the puppy always picking fights with the older one. I am pretty sure it’s a dominance thing but It’s getting more frequent and more aggressive. The wierd thing is they never do it when I’m around. It only happens when I’m not there. When I’m around they lay together and act like nothing is wrong. I dont know how to stop this and I want it to stop before it gets too bad. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Trisha

    I have a 15 week old American Bully male. is there an average weight that he should be at. I feel he is not weighing enough and looks slim. thank you.