Featured Breeder: ABKC Champion Bully Breeder Marco Suarez

Champion Bully Breeder Marco Suarez discussed his idea of the ideal American Bully. Suarez is well known for producing champions. His most famous production being Paco. While many breeders achieved the look of the American Bully by adding bulldogs to their bloodlines, Marco achieved the look solely by line breeding true American Pit Bull Terriers. The traits [...]

American Bully World Video: The Dela Cruz Bloodline

Oliver Dela Cruz gives some insight on what supplements he uses when training his dogs for the 2014 UPF (Unified Pulling Federation) Nationals. Oliver recently took home a 1st place win at this year’s national in McPherson, KS. Oliver’s White Dragon pulled a whopping 8710 in just 32.21 seconds to secure the first place win in the 110 to 119 lbs Class.

Oliver is the founder of Dungeon Kennels, home to the world famous Dela Cruz bloodline.