bully pit bull stud

Cost of stud fees

Stud fees typically range from 500.00 – 2000.00 for purebred dogs. Costs depend on how well known the stud dog is, the quality of the stud’s pedigree, and the popularity of the breeder.

Puppy Back Deals

Generally speaking, the majority of  “Puppy back deals” usually don’t work out. Whether the breeding doesn’t take, or one of the parties doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, usually some sort of issue arrises. Arguments and debates regarding the deal are very common. If at all possible, it would be best to pay the stud fee in advance.

How to choose the right stud for your dog

It would be wise to choose a stud that has a pedigree similar to your female’s pedigree. This is known as line breeding and has the best chance of producing a consistent litter. If your dog is 100% razors edge for example, it would be wise to breed her to a 100% razors edge dog with similar ancestors (In the first 2-3 generations of her pedigree).

Generations explained: The first generation would be her Sire and Dam. The Second generation is her grandparents, the third generation is her great grandparents, so on and so forth. The further back you go in generations, the less likely the puppies will look like the ancestor.

How to avoid bad breeders

The pit bull breeding business has it’s fair share of criminals that won’t think twice about ripping you off. A good rule of thumb – Don’t deal with anyone who has been breeding less than 10 years. This rule applies for buying puppies as well. If the breeder has been in business for 10 or more years, chances are they’re running a legitimate business. Breeders that have been in business for 2-3 years are considered rookies and should be avoided. Also, if they’re doing bad business, the chances are the law hasn’t caught up with them yet.

Recommend Breeders

Recommended American Pit Bull Terrier breeder:

Colby’s American Pit Bull Terriers

This family has been around for decades and are considered one of the top APBT breeders in the world. Owning a Colby pit bull is similar to owning a piece of American History. They produce standard American Pit Bull Terriers that adhere to the breed standard.

They have a great deal of drive, an extremely high energy level, and require a great deal of daily exercise. If you’re not an experienced handler or lack training skills, this line of dogs would not be recommended for you.

Recommended Working Pit Bull Breeder:

Camelot Pit Bulls

Kenny has been around for well over 10 years and is considered to be one of the top breeders in the US. He produces consistent litters, has a yard full of quality studs, and is a stand up guy. This line of dogs ranges in the 80 – 120 pound range and would be ideal for weight pulling.

Recommended American Bully Breeders:

Dax Line

Ed Shepherd from Dax line (Formerly known as Gottiline) is one of the godfathers of the American Bully Breed. He was around from the start and has developed one of the finest line of American Bullies in the world. He runs a legitimate and trustworthy operation. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I would highly recommend it.

His line of dogs has a moderate energy level. They are naturally very well balanced and loving dogs. If you have a children or other dogs, this line is a perfect match.

Carolina Bully Farms

Carolina Bully Farms is a family owned and operated kennel. They take great care in socializing, exercising, and health screening their dogs prior to breeding them. The result is a number of ABKC champions including the world famous “Mo Money”.

Stud Contracts

It would be wise to sign an agreement with the stud owner that states if the breeding doesn’t take the first time, the following breeding will be free of charge. Some breeders will even allow 3 or more tries, or until the female gets pregnant.

Other areas to cover in the contract would be the following:

  1. If the female only has 1 puppy
  2. If the female gets pregnant but loses the pups
  3. If the female dies during birth or during pregnancy
  4. If the puppies survive by die at a later time (From parvo, illness, ext.)